Services & Promotions

Content services


Not familiar and handy with computers and MS Word? Do not worry! We are here. We type the content for the authors who write in ink. Opt for the service and be relieved from the headache of typing.

Pricing starts at Rs. 20 / USD 0.50 per page


The editor checks the script for grammatical errors, punctuation and spelling only. Sentence improvement and insertion of improved phrases and words are not included in this.

Pricing Starts at Rs. 0.70 / USD 0.01 per word

Substantive Editing

Get the content of your manuscript improved not only for grammatical errors but also for sentence improvement and better word placement. The editor, after monitoring the script and storyline, improves the content, if needed, with better phrases and usage of words. Also includes proofreading, grammar and spelling correction.

Pricing Starts at Rs. 1.20 / USD 0.025 per word

Copy Editing

Get your manuscript reviewed and corrected to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.

Pricing starts at Rs. 1.50 / USD 0.03 per word

Translation Service

Get your books translated in major Indian and world languages and increase their reach by targeting the audience who loves reading in their local language.

Pricing on request

Design services

Basic Cover Design

Get a beautiful basic cover designed for your book based on its title and storyline. Specific character design and elaboration are not available.

Pricing Starts at Rs. 2999/ USD 45

Book Cover Mockup Posters

Get beautifully designed mockups and posters with your book covers, reviews and text that highlights what your book is about.

Pricing starts at Rs. 699 / USD 12 per design

Promotion and Marketing

Book Video Trailer - Basic

Introduce your book to the world in the form of a trailer which outlines the story more vividly and clearly. Grab the eyeballs of your readers with a basic video trailer without feeling a pinch in your pocket.

Pricing starts at Rs. 2500 / USD 36

Social Media Promotion

Get your book promoted all over the internet with major focus on promotions through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Packages start at Rs. 1200/ USD 18

Email Marketing

Reach your audience directly through targeted email marketing. Share exclusively about you, your book, excerpts, trivia, graphics and more to engage your readers better and increase traction.

Packages start at Rs. 4999/ USD 75

Comprehensive Customized Book Promotion

Reach your target readers through every possible medium and get the visibility that your book deserves. A 360 degree solution to all things marketing.

Contact us for a customized plan and quote.

T-Shirt with book cover design

Gift your readers something to remember you and your book by! Get T-Shirts branded with your book cover design. Suitable for gifting anywhere, on any occasion and even at book signing events, launches and as contest prizes.

Pricing starts at Rs. 399 / USD 23 per T-Shirt

Colored Business Card

Get more attention - Promote your book with a business card showcasing the book cover and your details designed to be remembered for long by your audience. All images and designs to be given by author (or charged extra if made by us).

Pricing starts at Rs. 250 for 100 cards

Author Website

A static author’s website will be created of 5 pages on the author’s name. It will have the details and brief about the author and their book. The content and the pictures need to be provided by the author. This will be a one time process and any update required in future will be chargeable.

Pricing Starts at Rs. 6,999/ USD 100