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  • Hello People, I've written another short story series. It's not complete yet, nothing will be unless I know for sure if the story is worth writing. Please check this out as well. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
  • If you know what happened in past, you can easily predict the future. And if you know the future, your every little action will have integrity. This is how Visionaries live their lives.
  • Everyone seems to be so sure about themselves and their existence. It makes me wonder if everyone is pretending or I am the only one unsure about every little thing.
  • Zero - Earth Fall (Book 3) has gone to the proof reader and work on the cover has begun in earnest. I am hopeful of an autumn release as I will give the manuscript a final check again myself before uploading. I have now finished darker rewrite of Quinn the Assassin, and edited the cover to a final state. Hopefully I will get this uploaded soon :)
  • Charlene the Star and Hattie's Heroes will be FREE on Kindle Tues. 4-28-20 and Wed. 4-29-20. Be sure to get your FREE copy.
  • So happy to finally get my second book loaded onto Zero - Earth Fire is the action packed Sci-fi sequel to Zero - Earth. I owe a massive thank you to the support team for helping me navigate the uploading process.
  • Once I was visiting Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayoor and I saw a couple living in the footpath. Their children were sleeping inside the mosquito net side of the road. This has touched my heart and I narrated this as a story in LinkedIn. This was the beginning of my story writing. Another incident happed was in Germany. We were travelling and missed the train connections and were in real confusion. A Pakistani co-traveler helped me to reach the correct station through bus and connecting metro train. He guided me to reach back Zurich in time from Basel which was border station between Switzerland and Germany. It was the last train and I would have been in real trouble had he not helped me since I was about to travel to Paris next day morning. This incident helped me to write a travel story too.
  • Read my Valentines day blog here:
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  • My second interview on chat and spin radio went much better. I managed to hold my nerve and got the full answer out to the question:- "What is Zero - Earth about?" A tricky question indeed considering I will never break the number one rule ... No spoilers. See what you think ... Zero - Earth follows a superhuman secret agent working for a group of aliens who crashed to Earth millions of years ago. These aliens have been shepherding humanity ever since they arrived, protecting both us and our planet. Zero works hard to fulfil the alien's grand design for humanity, halting us when required but also by seeding new technology to us when the aliens see fit. Unfortunately, this puts a target on Zero's back and it's not long before one shadowy figure with deep pockets and plenty of patience paints Zero as a target for extermination. Add to this that planet Earth is found by an old foe of Zero's employers and this leads to decades of trouble ahead for Zero and the aliens. Zero - Earth is a Sci-Fi action adventure, rooted in the modern age on planet Earth. The plot is deep and there is a lot for the reader to discover and think about, and hopefully enjoy … ;)
  • Advance Praise for The Healing Star “Julia’s fantastical adventure will make your eyes twinkle. Readers will root for Julia on every step of her journey.” –Kristin Bartley Lenz, author of The Art of Holding On and Letting Go "This magical tale of the love between a girl and her grandmother will draw you in and warm your heart." –Jill Webb, Children’s Librarian, Farmington Community Library “An outstanding debut novel. Julia is a spunky heroine who will capture your attention as she embarks on a star-catching mission to save her grandmother.” –Susan Dion, Library Specialist, Youth Services, Baldwin Public Library “A. Kidd cultivates a special sense of magic in following Julia's struggles against the odds.” –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
  • Here are some professional reviews of The Healing Star: Midwest Book Review (Third book down) Always in the Middle blog
  • Book has progressed from Cover Launch to Book Published stage
  • If anyone would like to ask me a question regarding Zero - Earth or the upcoming release of Zero - Earth Fire, please feel free to ask on Twitter:- Clifford Barker (@CliffordBarker9), or find me on Facebook, or just message me through I will do my level best to reply.
  • For anyone wanting to know more about me and my first Sci-Fi novel Zero -Earth, I shall be on Chat and Spin Radio tonight at 19:50. Maybe I am just beginning to get a handle on the need for publicity, and pushing myself and my book towards the reading masses.

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