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  • Author Interview with Amb. Psalm Ebube
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    Psalm Ebube is a certified youth coach and leadership expert. His experiences working for I Change Nations as the National Statesman For Youth To ICN USA. World Greatness Record Holder UK , World Civility Ambassador. Author of Stay Alive : Rich Mind Empty Grave & Young Global Leaders | CEO of Youth Publish Now| Founders of Leadership Care Institute, Stay Alive Civility Initiative . Multiple Award Winning Artiste/Author/Speaker
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    "I am about a few days away from releasing the PaperBack book “YOUNG GLOBAL LEADERS . I wish something like this existed when I was starting out as a young student. This book really makes you think outside the box about what you need to be doing to Lead & Succeed as a Leader. These are the things that we are not taught in school. I’d advise all Parent to get this book as gift 🎁 for graduand/youths and young adults. This should be a compulsory course that is taught in every school across the country. I look forward to releasing the PaperBack book. A master-handbook on how young leaders become great leaders. —it is an insightful, engaging and highly relevant study. YGL by Psalm Ebube is an invaluable companion for all aspiring leaders especially the youths and young at heart.
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  • Author Interview with Kajol Aikat
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    I am a 26 years old author currently based out at Gurgaon. I was born and brought up in Hazaribagh (Jharkhand). I mostly write fiction, ie, I am pretty good at making up stories that are totally unreal yet sense worthy. Also, I am that runaway traveller who likes to draw portraits, read books, and maybe binge eat or watch when its mood.
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    I have authored 2 novels- Unsocial Amigos (2014) and Reason to Live (2015), and 4 short stories- Life Isn't a Fairytale (2015), The Cotton Seed (2017), Soul Break Part 1 (2017) and Soul Break Part 2 (2018), so far.

    • Unsocial Amigos is a romance fiction based on live-in relationship and highlights majorly on the stigmatized reception of the same from the society. It was more an effort to show how a taboo is born and to what extent it might impact people, through a contemporary romance-fiction's narrative.

    • Reason to Live is again a romance fiction but unlike Unsocial, it was sketched on a lighter note. It is a true-blue romance drama that intends to tell how love can inspire in life and transform someone entirely.
    • Both novels were published under Amazon Publishing UK.

    I have always found love, grief, and rage, 3 very powerful and basic emotions of any human life and I often try to sketch something interesting around them.

    Unsocial Amigos, was though, a very naked take on societal bullying. It came out of a fact that our society by default is extremely conservative. Sometimes, it bothers people. I have been a victim of bullying so I know that any act of oppression sucks big time. I felt like talking about it.

    • That brings me to Life Isn't a Fairytale, which I wrote as an entry in a contest held by Write India Publishers. It was a short story based on uprising of a bullied teenager, suffering from epilepsy. It got shortlisted and was published in the anthology- The Unbreakable You by the same publisher.

    • Later, in 2017, I wrote another short story (contemporary period drama) with Amazon Publishing UK, called The Cotton Seed , which was based on woman empowerment.

    • And, by 2018, my last two short stories came as part of a single series called the Soul Break Duology. It was a crime thriller series and was published by Amazon Publishing UK.

    How I became an anuthor?
    It all started since the age of 5. I believe a storyteller is always a reader first. So, my father used had a lot of stories for the bedtime when I was a kid. I used to listen to them before drowsing off to sleep and eventually I developed a flair for stories. When I grew up, I started reading novels like Alice in Wonderlanf, The Jungle Book, Harry Potter etc. and somehow all of it used to reflect back. I started getting ideas of stories that I wanted to tell someday. So, even though as a side hobby, I started writing poems and short stories during my highschool days. It was also a profound escape for me from all worldly troubles at times.
    Later, I understood that this world needs more good stories- stories which can go beyond rudimentary values and challenge certain establishments. I also developed a knack for debating later. Both of these came together and formed Unsocial Amigos.
    I was inspired by life to be honest. All that happens around us. To me, every single one of us is a story in him/herself.
    Also, I came in terms with I didn't want to do in life after joining sales & marketing in 2016. Like, I was sure for hell that I wasn't going to be a manager. Thus, going for a full time career in writing was a voluntary choice.

    Recently, I have also completed a voluntary research on sustainable socio-economic development of LGBTQIA+, recognised by UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUNDS ASSOCIATION, in 2020.
  • Featured Interview
    Author Interview with James L. Rickard
    James L. Rickard lives in West Virginia. After studying Journalism and Photography, he worked in customer service while continuing to dabble in both fiction and non-fiction in an effort to find the best fit. After several years of dabbling with paid blogging, ghostwriting, short stories, and novels, he continues to dabble.

    His latest book "The Windmill Portal" in the "The Charlie Hobbs Saga" released recently.
    Q. You've been associated with different forms of writing like paid blogging, ghostwriting, short stories, etc. for several years. What set the foundation of your first novel and motivated you to write and get it published?
    I had a novel rattling around in my head for years. After discovering my grandfather was born in 1870 it all came together.
  • Author Interview with Genesis Amaris Kemp
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    Genesis Amaris Kemp

    👉🏽 A Wife
    👉🏽 A Sister
    👉🏽 Creative Content Writer / Author
    👉🏽 Child of God

    I am a professional who now knows what my purpose in life is. It is not to sit down, muzzle my mouth, and continually let people get over on me.

    I know my worth and its time to speak up, activate my faith, and walk into my destiny that God has in my life.

    I encourage you to take a leap of faith and get out of your comfort zone.

    If you are wondering what you should do next well take a step back and write down all the things you are good at.

    Out of those things which bring you joy, fulfillment, and you can ultimately see yourself making a change not just in your life but in your community and beyond.

    Then formulate a plan on how you can do those things and still bring in revenue because times are changing and one thing is for sure these jobs can come and go, but your empire and the legacy you build will ALWAYS be in existence as long as you have the right foundation and continue to cultivate it.

    You too can be all the things you ever imagined so stop limiting yourself by the things people say you cannot do or the limitations that have been placed on you
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From The Pit To The Palace was birthed out of frustration, but it was needed.

    I needed to share and combat the systemic issues and racism in the workforce. I wrote my book to encourage, inspire, motivate, and teach others to do the same.
  • Author Interview with Tylia Flores
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    I would describe myself as a bibliophile, Determine, Creative.
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    In James Ticking Time Bomb, young author Tylia Flores creates the life of a 13year old father who discovers he may not be around to see his son grow up. The Author links between family, friendship, illness, and loyalty. The authors’ ultimate goal is to help you realize that life is too short for you not to make every moment you can count. "Never live with regret, always look forward as the future is not guaranteed but this moment is"
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