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    Author Interview with timothy j Ahrens
    Tim Ahrens has been telling stories and making up worlds since he was ten. An avid reader in high school, who always had a book with him. One of his best friends got him to start penning down these stories when he was about fourteen.
    After a few years, he partnered up with another writer and got several short stories published in various magazines. His first book "The Salvation of Tanlegalle" contains most of his short story work over the years. His second book "Dark Creatures, a Simple Game" came much later and is a great Dark Fantasy read.
    Q. You have always been a storyteller and a dreamer, making new worlds since the age of ten. What motivated you to start so early and what kind of books you read that inspired your stories?
    A couple of things got me started in story telling. The first was that love of all things sci-fi, horror and fantasy that my father had. Every Saturday since I was small we would make time to sit down and watch a movie. They ranged from the black and white universal classics to the ToHo Godzilla movies. This sparked my interest in telling stories. The next instance was when I used to game master Dungeons and Dragons in my teen years. I ran a large group and we met every week. I had to create a world for them to play in. One of my friends in that group suggested that I write some of these stories down. As to what kind of book inspires me? Every kind! In high school I loved to read. I read everything from Jules Vern to Steven King. From Piers Anthony to Ray Bradberry.
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  • Author Interview with JMD Reid
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    A guy who loves to write fantasy!
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    My books are character-driven fantasy with dark and adult themes to them. I want to create realistic characters who deal with the dark parts of this world while still managing to find heorism. Ordinary people who step up when things go bad. I have two published series.

    The first is the Storm Below a military and epic fantasy following Ary and Chayelne. Childhood sweethearts, they are on the verge of marriage and starting their lives when they are drafted into their country's navy. Set in a world of flying islands over an ever-churning storm, serving in the Navy is fraught with danger. On top of that, Ary has a dark secret from his childhood. One that will see him quarantined or executed. Will keeping this secret, along with the stress of service, destroy his relationship with Chaylene?

    How can their relationship survive ancient cospirarcies, deadly warfare, jealous friends, racial prejudice, and cold-hearted assassins?

    The five-book series expands from a focused story to a world-sprawling epic where Ary, Chaylene, and others have to choose to stand with the orthodoxy or defy the evil festering in the shadows.

    My other series is Secret of the Jewels, a fast-paced dark fantasy series. A more intimate story about Obhin and Avena and set mostly in the sprawling city of Kash and its slums. Set in a world where magical technology is causing an industrial revolution that is creating great social and economic upheaval, Obhin is a palace guard turned bandit. Destroyed by his guilt, he finds a chance of redemption guading a scholar and his surrgate daughter, Avena, from the threat of riots, a criminal syndicate, a dark necromancer, and more. Will he find his redemption or will the price be too much for his damaged soul to handle. Avena might be his only hope, but only if the girl, carrying her own guilt, can trust the former bandit. Together, they will either save the city of Kash or watch it burn.
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  • Author Interview with Shamela Yousuff
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    Being an avid reader, I always dreamt of reading as many as books possible and wanted endless opportunities. I am a kind of person who tries my best to help others, no matter what the situation seems to be. I always stick to a particular point which I feel would the right choice and would never let my mind waver even if everyone stands against me, that is, I am a strong decision maker and wouldn't let others influence me. My main hobbies are reading and writing. I believe that if a person suffers in the present then definitely there will be a time when he/she will be able to lead a happy life.
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    Recently, I published my very first book 'Beautiful She Was' within a short span of time. 'Beautiful She Was' is a poetry book that deals with the emotions and feelings of an 18 year old, a suppressed pain and sorrow that was finally relieved. Speaking about how I started writing is still awe or me as I never expected myself to write a poetry book. I didn't have a great interest in reading or writing poetry until few months back. I always thought that my talent was in writing stories and articles or essays. Somehow I got into poetry and decided to never let go of it and started working hard in order to improve and develop my skills.
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  • Author Interview with A. A. Warne
    Q. How would you describe yourself?
    I'm a mother of three children and two very naughty dogs, a writer, independent publisher and researcher of all things fantastical. I live at the bottom of the Blue Mountains in the western Sydney suburbs of Australia.
    Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
    The Reluctant Wizard is my latest release and it's about a boy called Eli who is fed up with the war between the wizards and the warlocks. He joins the wizards to grow his magic and dreams of helping his community. However, he finds out that the wizards have problems of their own.

    Heavy Dirty Soul is about Ivy who is a witch and she's burnt at the stake in the 1500s. She then reincarnates into a different culture a hundred years later where she faces a similar scenario. As she reincarnates throughout the book, she ends up in the future in an underwater city.

    Concealed Power was co-written with Michelle Crow and is about a struggling psychic who cannot get a date, then she meets two guys: a shape-shifting reptilian and a member of a secret society. Little does she know, that these two men are at war with one another and she is stuck in the middle.
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  • Author Interview with Women's Web
    Q. "Sharing Lipstick", a short story collection by Women's Web revolves around two themes: Stories about sisterhood, and stories about women’s identity. Tell us more about the broad theme and outline of all 25 stories.
    A sisterhood always works. Only our girl friends really 'get us', and accept us for who we are. We don't need to pretend to be anything other than ourselves. It makes us women feel validated. We need our sisterhoods the most, even beyond our other relationships - they keep us afloat and give us the strength we need. We are who we are, because of these bonds that sustain and nourish us - they give us our identity. And more and more, women find that their identities and the defence they might put up for the integrity of their identities, are the cause of sexist behaviour from others, who might feel threatened by a confident woman. And sometimes women then rise up against their oppressors. All stories broadly fall somewhere in these themes.
    Q. Are all the stories in "Sharing Lipstick" inspired by real events or are a work of fiction?
    Most of the stories in Sharing Lipstick are a work of fiction, though I feel a couple of them are loosely based on real events. All, however, are based on women's everyday, ordinary realities, and as such are certainly inspired by real life.
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