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Author Interview with Nicole Coverdale

interviewed on Aug 13, 2019Rochester, MN
Nicole is the author of two book series, "The Randolph Saga" and "The Wiccan Way". She was born in ST Paul, MN and found her love for reading when she was quite young. She moved to Hudson, WI when she was just finishing first grade, and throughout her school years, you could always find her reading a book, and eventually writing in her notebooks. She had dozens of notebooks just filled with stories. She currently lives in Rochester, MN.
Q. You've been in love with reading and writing since childhood. When did you actually think of writing and publishing your first book?
Back when I was in high school. I always dreamed of putting words to paper, being like the authors I read about. I had a dream and I went for it.
Q. Tell us briefly about your books, "Dark revelations" and "Fearless" in the Randolph Saga.
In Fearless, we meet Elena Rodriquez, who’s been abducted by a rogue organization that’s been flying underneath the government’s radar. Inside the organization, her memory has been wiped, and she’s been trained to kill. But as she’s about to pull the trigger on her target, she suddenly starts remembering pieces of her past and makes it her mission to take down the organization. It’s about self-discovery and there is a love story aspect to it. Dark Revelations happens years later after Fearless, where we meet Elena’s children. Her oldest, Cameron, is just returning home from a horrific accident, but little does he know that his brothers are also headed home. Once home, he meets his new brother, Blake, who is in trouble, and Brooke Sullivan. Brooke is in hiding, trying to keep out of the public eye, but a serial killer is zeroing in on her, and the only one she can turn to is Cam. But there is another danger lurking. The organization is back, and they’re after Elena’s family.
Q. "The Wiccan Way" series has four books out right now. Tell us a bit about them and if you're planning to release more books in this series.
The Wiccan Way is about 3 sisters, who in Destiny Awaits, find out that they have super powers and another sister. They go on a trip to the past, fight a demon, find themselves stuck in fairytales, one sister battles a choice between good and evil, and because of that choice the family finds themselves separated. Yes, I am planning on more books in the series. I’m working on the fifth right now!
Q. Tell us about the protagonists, their characters, and life in general, in "The Wiccan Way" series.
Josslyn is the oldest. She’s a wild spirit, and was a bit of a trouble child. She ran away from home after graduating from high school, but never really settled into college. Broke with no place left to go, she comes back home to sisters, who don’t really understand her. Gifted with the power of aquakinesis, she can manipulate water in any shape or form.

Jade is the middle child. When Josslyn left, she stepped in to take care of their grandparents, and even her younger sister, Julie, after her accident. She’s always dreamed of running her own business, but life hasn’t made it easy. She’s now running a bar, and has been gifted the power of electrokinesis, where she can control electricity.

Julie is the youngest of the three. The peacemaker, she’s always trying to keep everyone happy. Struck by a drunk driver years ago, she’s just getting her strength back. She has the ability to see the future, and to control fire in the form of pyrokinesis.

Jasmine is their long lost sister. Given up as a baby, she found herself floating from foster home to foster home. Learning she’s the sister to Josslyn, Jade, and Julie she’s hesitant to let them in, but when she’s gifted with telekinesis, the ability to move things with her mind, she has no choice but to trust them.

Jorja is another long lost sister, who we learn about in Crossroads. With her father being a dangerous demon, her mother had no choice but to give her up. A treasure hunter, she was recruited into the CIA, searching for ancient artifacts. Sidelined with an injury, she was forced to retire, but now her daughter is missing. She has the ability to manipulate sound.
Q. In "Destiny Awaits", the sisters learn about their magical powers after visiting their grandmother's grave. Give us a hint about how the story unfolds from there.
From there, the sisters learn of their powers individually, and almost immediately find themselves facing their first demon. Jade’s boyfriend.
Q. In "Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve", an evil witch is threatening their peace. How do they win the battle of good, against this evil?
By believing in themselves, in good, and most of all, in love.
Q. Book 3, "Crossroads" takes the sisters on a completely different journey, with one sister turning to the dark side. Tell us about it.
It’s mostly about power. Power can make people do bad, bad things, and in the case for one of the sisters, she had too much of it on Halloween. Now she wants more, and now, the dark side is luring her.
Q. What happens in the latest book, "Shattered Dimensions" and what can the readers expect to happen in this part of the story?
After one of the sisters turns to the dark side, and marries the rising leader of the underworld, there’s a shift. Darkness is gaining the upper hand, and now the sisters find themselves separated, with no memory of their past lives, except for Josi, Jami, and Jessi. They are Josslyn’s daughters, who we learned about in Crossroads. They feel that something isn’t right and go searching for answers. They’re the only ones who can put things back the way they’re supposed to be.
Q. What is your thought process while creating new and unheard of worlds in fantasy? Are they self-thought or do you draw your inspiration from somewhere?
They honestly just come to me. Sometimes when I’m watching a tv show, a movie, or sometimes even in dreams.
Q. How are your books different from others?
I can’t speak about other books, because every book is different. But I love writing in series. Keeping a storyline going, and i love writing about hidden, family secrets.
Q. What are some of the challenges which you faced while writing the books?
Sometimes I get stuck on where to go with a story. At that point I have to take a break, re evaluate, then I can usually continue.
Q. Did you incorporate any life messages in your books? If so, what are they?
I don’t think I have. If I did, I certainly didn’t mean to!
Q. What genres apart from Fantasy, Paranormal and Mystery would you like to write?
I’m actually planning on starting a YA series next year. Also, the third book in the Randolph Saga , slated to release in December is more of a romance.
Q. Tell us about your family and how supportive have they been in your journey.
My family are my biggest supporters! They’re always the first to read my books, ask me what’s next, etc. They’re awesome!
Q. Do you remember the first story or poem you ever wrote? Tell us about it.
I think it was something about horses... I was a little obsessed with them as a child!
Q. Talk to us about your growing years and your home. How did all this influence your writing?
I come from a divorced family. My father was an alcoholic growing up, and there was always fighting or yelling going on around the house. Writing helped me escape, and get rid of my emotions and stress. It was basically a type of therapy, lol.
Q. What all books are you planning to write next? How's the progress?
Well I’m working on 3 more in The Wiccan Way. I have a book festival I’m attending in October. The writing process, honestly, is not much of one. I start with a thought and just let the words take me. After that I do my edits / research, the send it off to my editor.
Q. What all interests you apart from writing?
I’m a huge football fan and love catching a game. I also love cooking, and baking, and of course shopping!
Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine?
A typical day usually has me reading over the last part I wrote, familiarizing myself with the story again, and writing the next chapter. Some days I write one chapter, other days I can write six. It really depends on the day.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been the most effective for you?
Honestly, networking has been the best. The writing community on Twitter has been so amazing, supportive, and we help get each others work out there.
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?
Several things can help a book sell. First, people need to know about it, so exposure is big! Second, your book covers have to be appealing and really portray the story. Third, have a good blurb. No one will pick up a book if the blurb is unexciting, and finally word of mouth or reviews. Nothing sells a book better then recommendations from other readers.
Q. What’s the most moving or affecting thing a reader has said to you?
I love it when I go on Amazon or Goodreads and have a review from someone who has loved the book. It makes me feel good, and reminds me just why I do it.
Q. What are your favourite three books, and why?
I have always loved suspense themed books. Allison Brennan has always been one of my favorite authors, and the first book I ever read of hers, The Kill is still one of my favorites. I’m also a big fan of Nicholas Sparks, A walk to Remember. It just makes me feel all the feels, and then I’ve gotta talk about this book series I read as a kid. I can’t for the life of me remember what they were called, but there was a cat named Familiar, and the book was told from his point of view as he helped solve mysteries. They always had me laughing!
Q. Which all authors have influenced your writing the most?
Man! Too many! Allison Brennan, Lisa Jackson, Nora Roberts, even Stephen King! They all are great, and usually have advice for aspiring authors.
Q. What are the challenges and difficulties of being a self-published author?
The most challenging thing about being self published is that you have to do everything yourself. You might have a good story, but that doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good cover to go along with it. I’ve been fortunate to meet some great designers, who do extraordinary work. You also have to find an editor, and know how or where to market the book.
Q. How difficult is marketing and actually reaching out to people who would want to read your book.
Very difficult! It’s a lot of social media these days, so you have to know where to post. There’s also knowing sites to post your book on, author interviews you can do, and contacting people to review your book. Sometimes it’s never ending, but I do believe that face to face interaction is by far the best, which is why I am so excited to start going to book fairs and festivals!
Q. At, we are trying to bring authors and readers under the same roof, to connect, discuss and socialize over books. What's your take on this?
It sounds great!

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