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Author Interview with Sean Clarke

Author Interview with Sean Clarke

interviewed on May 6, 2021 Ayrshire, Scotland
Q. How would you describe yourself?
Ambitious, creative, funny, reliable, sometimes shy but other times outgoing. I'm a walking contradiction at times but I'm comfortable with who I am.
Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
My latest work is a novelette set in the world of Crestmore named "Captain Hudson and the Red Ghosts." The book is predominantly science fiction but there are also fantasy and horror elements. It's a short read but I hope people enjoy it.
Q. What place does writing hold in your life, how has been your writing journey so far?
As someone with an addictive personality, I can safely say that writing is like an uncontrollable addiction for me. There's nothing better than creating characters and telling stories. Life is hard, especially over the last few years with the lockdown and covid-19 situation. Writing helps to make sense of the jumbled-up thoughts and feelings that usually swim around inside my head.

My journey has taken me from reluctant writer to prolific writer and it was an education every step of the way. I learn something new every day, whether it's about the craft itself or the wonderful people who read and support my work. I feel like a sponge just soaking it all up. It's so exciting to think where this journey will take me in the future.
Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine?
I'll start by working on my main novel and write at least ten pages. Then it's onto promotion and other marketing. My evening is usually spent working on my collection of short stories (Captain Hudson and the Red Ghosts is the first) My writing desk contains a PC and a coaster for tea. (or something stronger) That's all I need.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I'm slowly but surely learning the ins and outs of book marketing. I have a Facebook page but there's not much traction yet outside of friends and family. Not that I don't appreciate their support because I really do. Book promotion sites are great, and my number of newsletter subscribers has rocketed from 3 to over 150 in two months. I'm hoping to keep building my Facebook author page and maybe work harder on Twitter and Instagram.
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?
It doesn't matter what book you're selling, if you want readers to buy it then you must have the three A's.

1: A good cover that's on point for your book's genre.
2: A good description of the book on whatever platform.
3: A professionally formatted manuscript.

Get all three right and the book has a high chance of selling.
Q. What's the most moving or affecting thing a reader has said to you?
I've had some lovely comments since I started out but the one that I'll always remember came from my first beta reader. She loved the book. Her kind comments will stay with me forever because I worried about showing my work to that first person. Naturally, there's been some negative comments, but they don't bother me. Every reader's opinion is their own and they're entitled to it.
Q. What are your favourite three books, and why?
1: The Hobbit - The best fantasy book I've ever read.
2: Jurassic Park - Such a brilliant idea and executed flawlessly by Michael Crichton.
3: A Pair of Jesus Boots - A book I read at school. I remember being desperate to write a book of my own after reading it.
Q. Who are your favourite three authors and what do you like the most about them?
Michael Crichton - He was a master of his craft.
JK Rowling - I love the world she created across the Harry Potter books.
Stephen King - Mr. Horror and an author who was only too willing to share tips in a brilliant book.
Q. Tell us about the books that you are currently writing and their progress.
I'm just finishing off the first draft of the second Crestmore book and working on my next novelette. It's titled "Sins of the Father" and will focus on Jack Ryker trying to track down a rogue clone who's threatening to expose his mum and dad's part in an inhumane project.
Q. What challenges do you think are faced by writers, what's the worst thing about the book industry according to you?
I think the biggest challenge is being able to stand out. There's a lot of great books out there so you must work to be noticed. Even traditionally published authors need some form of marketing.
Q. Apart from writing, what goals do you want to achieve in life?
I have a real passion for singing so it would be a dream to record an album. I can't see it happening, but you never know what curveballs life will throw at you, especially when the money is there for production. If there's one thing, I've learned over the past few years, it's never say never.
Q. At, we are trying to bring authors and readers under the same roof, to connect, discuss and socialize over books. What's your take on this?
I think it's a great idea. Writers and readers both want the same thing - good books. If there is communication, then it can only benefit both parties.
Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers?
Never give up no matter what people say. One day you WILL prove them wrong.

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I am a fantasy fiction author who lives in Ayrshire, Scotland.
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I'm a keen #fantasy writer who reads a wide range of fiction and non-fiction. My debut #novel Crestmore: The Lost Elmkey  is a modern fantasy #epic with themes that are close to my heart....more