Author Interview with shalini mullick

Author Interview with shalini mullick

interviewed on Oct 23, 2020 Gurgaon
Q. How would you describe yourself?
I am an avid reader who enjoys writing in the time that she manages to steal from her other life as a doctor specializing in respiratory pathology.
I write fiction for various platforms and publications.
Short stories, flash fiction and micro fiction by me have been consistently featured on different groups and have been selected as winners.
I am a Juggernaut selects author. My book “Happily Divorced” is a (non)rom- com that has been promoted on the prestigious platform.
I empathize with the challenges and unique situations that women these days are confronted with try to weave in this understanding in my stories, which are featured on portals like Momspresso, Women’s Web, etc.

I have won the monthly short story contest “Muse of the month" by Women’s Web on numerous occasions.
I have contributed to other forums like Meraki: Soul talk, and Beyond the Box Chronicles. Prompt based micro fiction and flash fiction is a format that I finds engaging and my stories are consistently featured on Penmancy, Artoonsinn, Mompreneur circle and others
I have been featured as blogger of the month on Momrpeneur circle, Tete a tete Tuesdays on
I have contributed two stories to the anthology “Sharing Lipstick”
I am also a book reviewer and writes information and awareness articles

Taking to writing rather late in life has been as much a journey into myself as much as an exposure to a whole new outside world
Both these journeys are cherished by me, as are the new connections that I has formed in the process. Engaging with readers, exchanging thoughts and touching lives is especially important to me.
Q. Tell us something about the books that you have written and the story behind them.
Sharing Lipstick is an anthology of short stories that features 25 stories by women writers. The stories focus on sisterhood and identity, even as they straddle time, genres and writing styles.

It is a matter of pride to have had two stories selected for inclusion in this anthology by the editors.

“Noise within but silence without” is a story that is especially close to Shalini’s heart because it was the first piece of her writing that she shared with the world.

“Wasn’t it her life, her body, and her choice to make?” was based on a prompt from the renowned poet Toni Morrison’s poem “Someone leans near” in which poetry is woven together with the story.

“Happily Divorced” was Shalini’s entry for a contest by Juggernaut books and won her a publishing contract and a prize with them. The prompt was to write a story with a wedding as a background; but the protagonists of the story shouldn’t be the ones getting married!!! Intrigued?? It is a humorous take on traditional Indian obsessions with marriages; both making them happen and keeping them going!
Q. What place does writing hold in your life, how has been your writing journey so far?
Writing is a journey that I embarked onto relatively late in life, and it has also been a journey into myself. My experiences have been positive, and i am glad that my thoughts have found resonance in other readers and writers.
Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine?
I try and structure my day so that i can use my mornings for writing. It is difficult to balance the demands and responsibilities of home and my job, but i try to be consistent.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
2.Reaching out to readers on a personal level
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?
2.Author profile
3.Content of book is most important
Q. What's the most moving or affecting thing a reader has said to you?
That they look for writing lessons in my work.
Q. What are your favourite three books, and why?
1.When breath becomes Air
2.Being Mortal
3.The meaning of life
Q. Who are your favourite three authors and what do you like the most about them?
1.Oliver Sacks
2.Atul Gawande
3.Victor Frankl
Q. Tell us about the books that you are currently writing and their progress.
I am writing an anthology of short stories, and a novel. The first draft of the novel is done.
Q. What challenges do you think are faced by writers, what's the worst thing about the book industry according to you?
Finding time to write & difficulties in publishing.
Q. Apart from writing, what goals do you want to achieve in life?
To evolve as a person and to connect lives.
Q. At, we are trying to bring authors and readers under the same roof, to connect, discuss and socialize over books. What's your take on this?
It is a great initiative. More power to platforms like this one.
Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers?
Keep writing. Be consistent. Don't give up.

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