Author Interview with Sharon Milne Barbour
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Author Interview with Sharon Milne Barbour

interviewed on May 22, 2019UK
Sharon Bengalrose (Sharon Milne Barbour) is an international medium and author based in Newport, South Wales (UK). Through her work with spirit, she loves to help people find happiness and heal, raising their positive energy levels with messages from loved ones in spirit. Also to teach others about the spiritual path and mediumship. Her fifth book, ‘Step into the Mind of a Medium', follows on from her previous books, ‘Utopia’, ‘The Magic of Spirit’, 'The Magic of Words’, 'Ayderline the Spirit Within’ and ‘Inspiration Guidance Cards'.

She also now has two new books 'Heavenly guidance' and 'The light within Atlantis'.

She and her husband Chris have two sons and 3 grandchildren. Her hobbies are gardening, her dogs and walking.
Q. How did your writing journey begin and how has it been so far?
My writing journey started six years ago when I joined a spiritual development group and as part of the development exercises we did inspirational writing. I struggled at first as I had been diagnosed as a child with severe dyslexia, and my mindset was I could not write well. Even to write an email I struggled, thank god for spell check and a husband that would check them for me. This writing exercise taught you to connect to your spirit guides and trust, this helped me with my mediumship and over a few weeks the words started to slowly flow.

Then one day I was drawn to a trance workshop. In a meditation to help us go down into the trance energy and relax I had a very powerful vision. My main guide was called Harold and he presented him self to me as a medieval monk. He told me he had lived on Earth in the time when they created the manuscripts and he was a philosopher of his time. I saw his arm come over my arm and he had a feather quill pen in his hand, I also saw an old brick/stone building with stacks of scrolls and books. He was sitting at a small wooden desk, and there were several in this room with monks at them. He told me I was going to write a book. When I came out of the meditation I just shrugged it off as my imagination!

Over the next couple of months I had 3 messages from mediums that I will write a book. I was shrugging this off, as I could not see how I could with my dyslexia. Then a good friend and medium saw me one day who knew nothing about my vision and messages and said you have a feather pen in your hand you need to write your book. So I finally took notice.

My day job was a graphic designer so I was used to working on computers. One day I sat at my computer, got up a blank word document, and rather petulantly said to my guide Harold, right I am listening what’s this book called? Then clearly I heard one word in my head ‘Utopia’. Well I had to laugh, as I did not know how to spell it and looked it up on Google. Then I asked what’s next? He said write your name. I then ask what now? Wait and we will bring the content to you. The content came through channelled telepathic thought that I recorded on my phone and then typed later or channelled writing into notebooks and researching knowledge to add to the book. Harold guided me where to add all this information until one day the book was completed. Then a very good friend, who is an author and writer her self became my editor, her skill never changed the ethos of the books or the message in the books; she helped make it grammatically correct. I then self-published my first book ‘Utopia’ thinking that was it.

Since then it’s been an amazing journey and I have now written seven books, just starting the eighth. I now channel straight from their channelled thoughts to keyboard. We work together in short bursts, as it can be draining connecting to my guide’s energy all the time.

I have learnt that humanity is programmed to self-doubt and think we are not capable of more. But this writing experience has proven to me that we are all capable of great things if we believe in ourselves and trust the powers beyond our understanding to help and guide in all we do.
Q. You are an international medium, and work with spirits and also help people find positivity, healing & happiness. How and why did you choose this profession?
I believe this profession chose me. From the age of eleven I started to have various experiences from experiencing visions and dreams going back in time, seeing ghosts, UFOs and general sense of not belonging on this earth!

One day in my forties I met a holistic healer, I had moved my business to a new location and she was in the unit next door. Over a few weeks we got to know each other and I opened up about my spiritual life experiences. There was this thing in particular that always bothered me and that was a repetitive dream I had had through my adult life. I felt I had lived this life but could not explain why or understand my feelings. When I told her about this she said I needed a past life regression and she was trained in this. I have to admit I was reluctant but she reassured me and we set up an appointment. Wow what an experience. This was the turning point for me, I realised there was so much more to this life and so much we don’t understand. This led me to start my healing journey and I did my Reiki one and two and learning meditation. I sat in a reiki and meditation circle for three years. Then I was drawn to a mediumship workshop and this led me to finding a development group.

From then my experience and journey slowly grew and one day I had the confidence to set up Bengalrose Healing, which is now my day job. I now do platform mediumship, readings, healing, teaching, and mentoring, as well as an author.

Q. How has your healing and spiritual work contributed to your writing?
My spiritual work has been key to my writing journey. The links I have created with connecting to spirit has enhanced my connection for channelling. We all live in a earth of 3D dimension, which is heaver and lower energy matrix. The spirit realm (heaven) and other ascension beings that come in on the love energy exist in higher free flowing dimensions. To channel their words and guidance you have to heal yourself to clear your energy and mind and then enhance your connection to tune into the spirit realm and beyond.
Also my experience and knowledge I have has helped write my book ‘Step into the mind of a medium’. All my experiences are passed onto other people with guidance and wisdom through live videos on my YouTube channel or written words.
Q. What motivated you to write your first book, "Utopia"?
As I said earlier it was the persistence of my spirit guide Harold with messages I will write a book. As well as having to move pass my barrier with my dyslexia; I also had to get over am I worthy to write a book? Who am I to write a book? Who will read this book? It came down to trusting the life journey and I have learnt our soul knows our journey and has the written words already for us. The spirit realm will find ways to trigger this as we have free will and ego that often stops us on our true life journey.
Q. Tell us more about what can the readers expect inside your book "Utopia" and the secrets it reveals?
This book was written to inspire those who a curious about the spiritual path. It has spiritual questions from real people answered by guides and real life stories of spiritual experiences. This book will make you think, question and lead you to make positive changes in your life to create a better world to live in. This book reveals secrets of the afterlife -Heaven, new archangels and an alien race. It also questions our belief systems based around religions and looks at our world’s history with UFOs and ancient evidence that has affected old books for example what is in the bible. On top of all that there is advice on how humanity can change the world, by letting our children develop in to the higher beings they are born to be. All of this comes from the Spirit realm and other dimension civilisations that are multidimensional beings, living in love and light energy. They are protectors of Earth and their aim is guide humanity to a higher vibration pure love way of being.
Q. Your latest book "The Light Within Atlantis", covers a lot about mysteries of the universe, guardian angels, incarnation, history of Atlantis and a lot more. Tell us all about it.
This is a story of finding the light in the universe, the utopia we all seek which was once found in the times of ancient Atlantis. This was a time of miracles, wonder and love with a divine connection to the highest power source in the universe. This book will enlighten you in ways you could never imagine and will guide you through a journey of wonder we can only dream off. This is a story of a physical and multidimensional being from the planet Diacurat. Revealing her experience as an incarnated soul in a humanoid form in ancient Atlantis on earth. As her story unfolds, she reveals the history of Atlantis and its downfall, the involvement of the twelve celestial guardians, intergalactic council and overseers of the universe. While she tells her story we learn about her life on Diacurat and she reveals many other planets and dimensions to us. The light within Atlantis is a story of wonder and many things are revealed to us - to understand how the universe works - from the womb of creation in the twelfth dimension to a speck of mineral dust in the first dimension. You will learn about the over seers, Intergalactic Council, Celestial Guardians and incarnation.
Q. What percentage of the story of "The Light Within Atlantis" is inspired by your real experiences and how much is fiction?
This book was channelled from my guide called Telcarian and a couple high ascension masters. The characters and places all existed or still exist. For those of you that incarnated on Earth in the Atlantis period will fully resonate with this book and its knowledge it brings.

If you do not believe in the truth then you could class this as a fiction story. Those of you ready to receive this higher-level ascended information will relate to it and it resonates with you, as your soul knows the truth. Your soul knows all your incarnations and what you’re here to learn in this life. What I have learnt is humanity is all at different levels of ascension and all my books are too. People are guided to the books that will help lead them on to their next level of understanding on Earth. Every book, workshop and or spiritual experience gives you a lesson, and you take away from it what you need. This is also true with everyone daily life’s.
Q. When you were telling the story through the viewpoint of a physical and multidimensional being from the planet Diacurat, what things did you consider as necessary to convey through that being?
I feel the message the story was to reveal, is that a planet of beings in a third dimensional restricted existence can change. For example Earth lives in this way, always thinking of self and not the whole. If we think of the whole, we would not be destroying our nature’s habitats, there would be no wars and no human would starve and see war. The world’s human and animal population would be balanced and kindness and love would prevail. This is what happened in Diacurats history. But they were left the knowledge and technology by the overseers of how to change, and through carefully selected Diacuraticans, this knowledge was then bought by them to they’re people. They had free will and chose to change. They never were part of the incarnation programme that is used on earth. When the Diacuraticans had ascended to the five dimensional way of being living in love and peace, they were then qualified to join the incarnation programme if they wished. The main character in the book was the first of they’re kind to do so.

Also the story shows the history of the incarnation program and how it can affect worlds such as Earth and revealing the reason for this programme. Which is to help worlds ascend and be peaceful planets with in the universe. The programme real’s knowledge of the multidimensional beings, the way they travel and live within the universe.
Q. Your book "Heavenly Guidance", is inspired by your guides and other heavenly beings. What kind of readers would you recommend this book to??
This book is for all of humanity, it has healing words of comfort, words to inspire and guide all who read it. It is a book you will continually go back to for that wisdom and guidance you seek. I use it for church services where I do mediumship demonstrations. I always find there is something in it that can be used to bring comfort to others.
Q. Would you like to share any of the verses or inspirational messages from "Heavenly Guidance" with the readers?
No Voice

I am a living being
Unique amongst many
I roam safe in my world
I am loved and nurtured
My kind understands me
As I grow my world changes
I feel fear and see death
My parents are no longer here
I wonder in the wilderness
I am confused and alone
I am lost amongst many
But they are not my kind
My heart grows heavy
The truth hits me hard
I am alone across time
I am the last of my kind
I have a broken heart
I am growing weak
I take my last breath
My kind is now extinct
I am not part of your future
You will see me in a book
You will see me online
A memory of your time
All I ask is WHY?

The second is written to give comfort to those that are grieving.

Good byes

The wave of a hand.
The smile on your face.
The warmth of your heart.
The wisdom and grace.

Your laughter in the air.
Your scent in the wind.
Your friendship to me.
Your kindness with no end.

Today you left me behind.
Today my sun does not shine.
Today my heart has a crack.
Today I know you are fine.

You shine from above.
You send us your love.
You are beyond earth.
You fly free like a dove.
I know we will meet one day.
I will feel your warmth in time.
I will see your golden smile.
I know I will be with you again.

This last sample comes from our ascended star friends that are the guardians of Earth. A simple message for all.

We wait

We wait shielded from view, standing shoulder to shoulder
with you all. We are a touch away, as we watch over you.

We visit you in dreams, stepping into your visions and are
often seen. We leave messages and give healing as you
peacefully dream.

We wait for you to connect to us, so you can recognise
your mission while here on Earth. We are patient, kind and
have unconditional love for you all as we wait.

We ask you to open your eyes and hearts to us, then we
will come into view. We wait in our star ship and for Earth
to wake up and ascend to the stars above and beyond.

Love and blessings to all.
Q. Tell us briefly about all the other books that you have written.
My second book called 'The Magic of Spirit' is for all of humanity to learn about Spiritualism and when you connect with spirit how your life can change for the better. There is information and their meanings about the signs the spirit realm leave for you. There is a story of a light workers journey with spirit and what she learnt on that Journey. There is also a Spiritual Alphabet for guidance and inspiration to be used in your spiritual churches, circles and teachings. As well as all this they talk about the Elemental beings and other of world societies that wish to help humanity.

My third book ‘The Magic of words’ is a follow on from ’The magic of Spirit’. This book is for all of humanity, as all future children of our world should be bought up in a vibration of love and positivity. Spirit feels their thoughts and words are key to this happening. You will learn from this book to stay in the positive energy vein, and how to stay in that magical way of being. While on your life’s journey on this earth you are guided by words from your first breath. Words inspire you and change the way you think. This magical book is full of positive quotes and words of inspiration to help guide you on your life’s path.

My fourth book ‘Ayderline’ is about my own souls journey. Ayderline is amazing stories following a spirit through her multiple soul life’s. It will bring you understanding of your experiences and answer so many of your questions. Ayderline is a multidimensional being from the spirit realm. She takes you on a journey through time and dimensions, enabling you to experience with her some of her physical lives. Her story begins in the spirit realm before she travels to earth to ancient Greece, at the time of the end of the Roman Empire. Her Earth lives and experiences continue to take you to the Viking period, the age of Napoleon, England’s green farmlands, the Second World War and then as far as your modern day. Along the way, you will share her experiences of dying from a broken heart, the fear of war, love, survival and heartache. As well as all this, you will be taken on a journey to another planet and be part of her physical existence as a highly evolved ascension being.

My six book ‘Step into the mind of a medium’, will give you the tools to take your journey towards mediumship and healing; imagine this book is your handbook of guidance. We have stepped into the mind of a medium and this book is based on experiences of a human who has already taken the journey, what they discovered, and what they learnt. Many of you taking this journey will be guided to become spiritual teachers and advocates for the spirit realm in the future. So we have included some teaching exercises to inspire the teachers amongst you, but also to inspire you, the student.
Q. Out of all the books that you have written, which one is the closest to your heart and why?
I believe it is Ayderline, as I was writing on my own souls journey and some of life’s she has chosen to incarnate into and be a guide to. I have had several pass life regressions where these merged. My soul and guides channelled the finer details of each life and why it was chosen and the lesson were learnt. What really stood out to me was I would write something and then find it in history books, like details of Napoleon’s time and the second world war. It all resonated with me and was quite an experience to write it.
Q. What do you want to convey or change through your books?
Each book has a message but is written in a different creative way or tone. It is simple for humanity to survive we need to change. It is a big ask after thousands of years living in conditioned ways. These books are just one way of the Gods, over seers, angels, spirits, and ascension beings, what ever you want to call them giving us the message. Also in the words they tell us how to do it, we just need to wake up and listen.
Q. Also, you must have encountered unique experiences while doing spiritual and healing work on other people. Would you like to share a few such stories?
I feel every time I work with spirit is a unique experience. Bringing forward evidence of loved ones passed over and their healing messages. Even spirit of those on the earth plane that are in a coma or very sick can come forward in readings and that was quite an experience when that first happened to me. I was giving a reading to a lady. I bought forward a relative from spirit and details of her that we recognised. I then bought in a gentle man that told me he was her son. The description matched her son who was still a live in Australia. He was very sick at the time. My client was a bit surprised; she thought perhaps he had died!! Relatives had told her he had been calling out his dead mothers name and when conscious said he saw her. It turned out at the time of the reading it was night-time in Australia and he was a sleep, his soul was travelling with his mothers soul, as they waited for his death.

I am aware that souls of the very sick, especially those that are unconscious at the end of they’re Earth life will travel around family to say their good byes before they go back to spirit.

Q. You are a certified "Fairyologist". That sounds quite interesting, would you like to tell us what is it about?
A Fairyologist is someone who writes about or studies fairies or fairy lore. I trained on Doreen virtues online course and I had great fun on this course learning about the fairies and the elemental realms. I was guided to do this so I could understand the elemental kingdom so I write about it in my books. The fairies and elementals help us with our environmental work and are here to protect all animals and nature.
Q. How has exploring the universe- both within and outside changed your outlook and perceptions? How has it made you different?
My spiritual journey has opened up my mind and heart to an understanding there is so much more than we see and so much we do not understand on Earth and in the Universe. Our thinking and perception is so restricted in the heavy three dimensional energy grid systems. Through raising my energies to higher ascension levels on this Earth plane and Astral travelling, I have see so much I would not have done other wise. But I have just experienced a fraction of what we could experience we just changed and allowed.
Q. Apart from books on spirituality, what other genres would you like to write?
I would like to write children’s book, that reflect how we should all be nice to each other and our planet.
Q. What books are you writing next and how far have they progressed?
I have started my next book, and it follows on from Atlantis, but is set around 200 years in our Earth's future. I have written two pages and have channelled notes and ideas. I do not know yet exactly what it is about, but I know it covers incarnation and the Earth’s journey.
Q. Do you remember the first story or poem you ever wrote? Tell us about it.
I don't have much memory of writing when a child or young adult, it really came about in my late forties on the spiritual journey, I started doing short inspirational verses that let to a pack of daily guidance cards. Forty-four cards in total full of guidance and wisdom and they are on my web site.
Q. Talk to us about your growing years and your home. How did all this influence your writing?
I was born in 1960 in a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns. At the age of six weeks I was placed with my adoptive parents. They adopted me because my adoptive mother had lost a lot of children and after her first son was born, she was advised not to have any more naturally for her health. I became the middle child when she gave birth to a second natural child. After that, she had a hysterectomy.

My memories of my childhood are that we were comfortably well off, and I know I never went without material things. Growing up was without incident spiritually, but looking back, there was a life event when I was around nine years of age. This event changed my life’s path and I believe it was an earth angel who helped me.

I was nine years old struggling with reading, writing and maths, but I loved art and colouring. I was sat at the back of the classroom struggling with my lessons. We had a new head teacher and she picked up that I was dyslexic, and eventually they discovered I had maths blindness too. Even my father, who was a maths teacher, struggled to help me. The head teacher changed my life; I had one-to-one time with her and know I became more confident while under her wing. A lost child, she took me out of the classroom, and she brought on my speech, reading and writing. I will always remember this lady’s kindness and how she redirected me on my life’s path at this tender age. My maths never really got better but I did eventually achieve an O Level C grade in English so I could get into Art College.

My childhood was secure but I don't remember hugs and cuddles. I realised in my early teens that my parents were heavy drinkers (it emerged later they were both alcoholics). I have memories of fights and unhappy times between them. My mother and father were very controlling, but my mother more so. They seemed to be racist too. I was told not to mix with Indian girls, but I had an Indian friend at school, who my parents never new about. I never learned why they had this attitude, as I did not feel like this. At seventeen, I was told they wanted me to marry a doctor or dentist and never bring home a coloured man. I was encouraged to go into the Young Conservatives, but never enjoyed it. I did not realise my life was not my own until I went to college.

At the age of nineteen I went to art college in my hometown of Loughborough. Wow – this changed my life. Mixing with people from all walks of life, colour and race – I loved the experience. I realised what a controlled, safe upbringing I had had. Things were going quite well at college until I met my future husband Chris. Sadly, he was never good enough for my parents and one day they made me choose between them and him. Well, I chose my boyfriend and yes, we are happily married, it’s our thirtieth anniversary this year. I moved in with my Chris in my second year of college and we helped each other through it. I worked hard in a pub, and in my third year Chris got a job as he had graduated by then. He supported me so I did not have to work in my third year, and I successfully completed my course.

The first time I met Chris’s parents was at their home. It was Christmas time, there was a huge real tree, a real log fire and Christmas was celebrated on Christmas Day. My parents celebrated it on Christmas Eve, with an artificial small tree. I never liked this, as everyone else I knew did not do this. I remember asking my mother why one year, and she said it was because that is how the queen does it.

My life with Chris was good and I had recognised Chris was my rock and soul mate even back then. I did become estranged from my parents; it was so hard to hold a relationship with them. Chris and I lived many happy years together, being successful in our careers. We had our first child in 1993, and our second in 1996. Having the children did break some barriers with my parents and brought us a bit closer to them.

The next main era of my life that was life-changing was the birth of my first child. I was diagnosed with mild postnatal depression, but I soon realised it was more my isolation that was causing me to feel down. We were in Edinburgh at this point in our lives and our families were in Leicester in the Midlands. When I went back to my job after the birth, I was made redundant, and we then decided to move to be near our families, and my sister in law and her children. I realised later in life that this event was meant to happen; as it was time we needed to be near our families.

In January 1996, I had my second child in Leicester. Not long afterwards, my father and Chris's dad became quite ill. My father pulled through but sadly, Chris's dad passed away in the June of 1996. Not long after this, his brother emigrated to Canada and his sister to Denver, USA. On top of this, Chris’s mum developed a form of blood cancer. Then Chris got offered a fantastic job opportunity in Bristol, which we could not afford to turn down. So in the space of fifteen months we had a lot of emotional upset and our family unit really changed.

During this time, I had struggled day to day after having my second son. I would go to the doctor, and he would say it was grief and lots of changes, so I'd plodded on. Then we moved to Bristol. When – wham bam – it all hit me. We rented a house on the edge of a village, knowing no one. My symptoms got worse, and then one day I remember sitting on the stairs, and my two young sons were looking at me, asking mummy if she was ok. I remember thinking, I can't cope anymore, and thought the only way out was to end my life; I was suicidal. I had no thought of harming my children; I was just in such a dark, dark place. But something made me think, this can't go on, and I rang my husband, who could not talk to me. Something made me look in the old phone book and I rang some helpline; to this day I can't remember which one, but after sobbing down the phone a voice calmly told me to get to my local doctor’s surgery that day. I knew this was nearby up my road, so I rang them, sobbing again, and she told me to come straight down. I know now this was my guide, and angels guiding me.

So with two kids in tow, I plodded off to the doctor’s, and all I could do when I got in there was cry. I was put in a side room, where I waited for a doctor. Eventually, a very nice lady doctor came in, asked some questions and told me to wait, and she would see me ASAP. She decided to send me to the hospital to see a psychiatrist. I was terrified, and I was imagining being locked up and my kids being taken away from me. At my appointment, after lots of tears, the psychiatrist diagnosed postnatal depression. He said the medication and care would come from my surgery with his recommendation. I was relieved what I had was treatable from my home. I then had a wonderful, kind health visitor who came in every day to check on my children and me; I started on medication and counseling sessions. My husband, bless him, was a bit lost in all this but was supportive, as he had to be at home on the days I had my counseling.

The counseling revealed some suppressed childhood memories of being mentally abused by my mother, which had carried on into adulthood. Also, there was the loss of a secure family group I had in Chris’s family, as well as the hormones being all mixed up. It took me three to four years to find my old self, but I did get there.

I did eventually lose my adoptive mother to cancer; she was taken very quickly. My brother rang me with the sad news that she had not long to live. I had not seen her for a while and had never made up over past events. I went to the hospital on my own to visit her. I remember walking up to her bed, the woman I had feared and been hurt by was lying there in a very vulnerable state, dying. All the hurt and pain I held in my heart washed over me, I just sat down and held her hand, no words were needed, we just looked at each other and knew there was forgiveness. I was so upset after leaving the ward, a Macmillan nurse took me to a room and I poured it all out to her. She made me realize I had done what was needed, to come for my mum to die in peace, and for me to move on in my life. I know Macmillan nurses are earth angels. I went back home and my mother passed away about a week later.

Life settled down and in 2009 we decided to take an office space ten minutes from home for our advertising business. This was the start of my light worker’s journey. I shall come back to this in a bit; first I'll share my spirit experiences in my life, and beliefs to this point.

My religious experiences were from a young age based on brownies and guides, but for some reason it never sat comfortably with me. When I started to be aware of spirit I also became aware of knowing, for example, that I believed Jesus was from above us, from the skies, but was an alien and came in a spaceship. I knew UFOs were real, and witnessed one in my hometown of Loughborough in the late 1970s. I was also very drawn to the story of Atlantis and any sci-fi films. I also felt that so far in my life, my experience of religions had been based on fear, not love.

I don't remember having spirit experiences when very young; mine started at eleven.

The first one was when I went on holiday with my parents to a cottage. I must have been about thirteen. As soon as we pulled up, I took one look at the cottage and felt fear when looking at the windows. It was as if I was being watched. This got worse as I entered the lounge and the kitchen area. I was supposed to sleep downstairs on my own but was terrified. I felt some terrible event had taken place here, which was connected with a female. I discovered on this trip that my mother believed in spirit, and as my behaviour was so unusual, they let me sleep upstairs with my younger brother. I did not feel the fear upstairs. Years later I discovered a photo of the cottage amongst my parents’ photos and it brought back all those fears. I did not keep the photo, as I did not want the reminder of this experience.

The second experience was when my older brother went to look at Southampton University. I was around fourteen years old. While he was being interviewed my mother and I went to look round the high street. The experience was unusual. I remember waiting to cross the road at a crossing. Then the whole picture I was seeing changed. I was looking at older buildings, horse-drawn carriages, the fashion was eighteenth century, I saw a young slave girl with her owner. I then heard a voice calling my name; it was my mother. I felt quite dazed and frozen to the spot, I never forgot that experience.

My third one happened when I was eighteen. I got a job in a pub. I worked in the public bar; there was a narrow standing space behind the bar. About two weeks into the job, I was standing behind the bar, waiting for a customer to serve, when I felt two hands placed on my hips and thought someone was trying to squeeze by; I was pushed forward, but there was no one there. Oh my, was I shook up. Turned out the place was thought to be haunted, and the area I worked was the most active. A figure was often seen walking along that bar area late at night. I left the pub not long after that.

Over these years, I did start to develop feeling in houses of spirit presence, and sensing things in atmospheres, and I realised I was an empathic, sensing people’s feelings and emotions.

The fourth main one was in my late twenties. We had moved into our first owned home, a very cute terraced house in Cheltenham. A few months in, we decided to put some stairs into our basement and make it a usable space. Not long after, I started to dream of a man standing in our doorway and looking into our room; sometimes, I was not sure if I was awake or asleep when I saw him. One night, I was woken with the feeling that someone was leaning over the bed, and then on it. We had a piano in our dining room and I always felt someone was behind me, just watching. I had two cats; sometimes they would watch the stairs and then run at high speed out of the cat flap. The funny thing was that once I accepted his presence, I was not scared. I looked into the history of our house. The next door house used be a stable for coaches that dropped guests off at the big houses nearby, and the coachmen used to use the basement of our house while they waited. We did find animal bones in the old fireplace in the basement, which was evidence of cooking. I feel he was part of this era, just popping back in to see us. My husband never saw or felt anything, but a friend who stayed once saw him at the top of my stairs, she told me a while after her visit, and I had not told her about the spirit presence.

My fifth experience took place when we rented a flat in Edinburgh; we were in a Georgian building on the top floor. Sometimes when I would climb up to the flat, I would hear the echo of children laughing. I thought the flat under me must have kids, but there were no children in the block. I did realise that our flat would have been the old children's nurseries or schoolrooms. I always felt ok in the flat, it was just like I was hearing sounds from the past.

The other notion I mentioned earlier was that I believed Jesus was an alien, who was different from mankind, with great healing powers. I never knew where this came from, but it was always there. When my son was at primary school, he one day told me they were talking about Jesus and asked my opinion. I told him my thoughts on Jesus, as I believed in always being honest with my kids. What I did not realise was that they were running a school assembly on the subject. I had a call one day that turned out to be the day of the assembly. The head teacher was quite shocked to hear what had come out of my son’s mouth when he had put up his hand and said: “My mum says Jesus is an alien” etc. I was Chair of Governors at the time, but decided to be honest with the head teacher and tell her my beliefs. Nothing else was ever said on the subject!!!

In the years leading up to my light worker path, I believe I was either too busy or ill to be susceptible. The only thing that kept happening was a dream. My dream was that I'd be in a drawing room; there were wooden floors, large French wooden doors leading out into a garden, and a grand piano. I could also be in a hall and landing, with paintings on the walls. There was also a bedroom I would not enter. As part of this dream, I would go to a black gravestone in what I knew was a family plot. I always felt this was not from my lifetime.

Now back to 2009 and our office move. We took up residence in an office unit; next door there was a wonderful lady, who was a holistic healer. She had a table and chairs outside and we started chatting over tea breaks. I told her about my repetitive dream; she just knew I needed a past lifetime regression. She was right; my dream was from a past life. I believe this dream and experience were given to me, so I linked with her to tell her my stories. She was a Reiki master, and she suggested I did my Reiki level one; WOW – that experience changed my life. With the Reiki one I had to heal myself, and I forgave my mother for the years of heartache, which allowed me to move on.

I then did my Reiki two. I sat in her Reiki and meditation circles for a couple of years, and in this time, my interest in mediumship grew. This led to attending a workshop about mediumship, where we connected to spirit. What I did not realise was that I opened up a door to the spirit world and they would not leave me alone. I struggled with it, and with my lack of experience, I did not know how to deal with them. My Reiki master suggested that I shut down, and told me how to do this. I carried on in the Reiki circle. I had not thought of setting up a holistic business, as I seemed to be on more of a spiritual path with my Reiki. I also could not get my head around charging for Reiki, as spirit gives us this healing, channeling through us. I later learned that a lot of new Reiki babies feel this, but the spirit world want to spread this healing and us to earn a living from it.

Not long after this, I had a very accurate, mind-blowing reading with a medium called Marcus. At the end I was told to go on my creative path, and spirit would be waiting for me to start my mediumship path again. Well, I was starting on my dream of making books to sell, and laughed at the mediumship journey. I eventually left my Reiki circle and moved forward on my creative path. I did continue my interest in Reiki and the angels, and was guided to read angel and medium books as well as inspiring stories.

As always, spirit knew my path. A couple of years ago I joined a gym to get fit; in the first few weeks I met a lady from my past, and although we got on well, she seemed sad and down. Every time I saw her I got Reiki, Reiki, Reiki, I knew she needed Reiki. I held myself back for a bit, as I had not practiced Reiki for a while and was not sure of what her reaction would be. Then one day I took the plunge and asked her if she had considered Reiki, and to my surprise she jumped at the chance. This is when my lightbulb went back on, as I call it.

I felt I wanted to practice Reiki and retrigger my mediumship. To begin with, I offered Reiki free to my friends and family to build my confidence, which was lacking at this time. I was then drawn to see a local medium called Berni on platform. I was inspired by her and felt very drawn to her energy. I contacted her and asked if she taught mediumship and how to do it safely. She put me in touch with a place called Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre, run by the lovely Maria. One Thursday night I took myself off to her open development group. When I arrived at the location it was situated at riding stables; I had to laugh because I’m allergic to horses. I walked into the centre and was made so welcome; I knew straight away I was in the right place and never looked back – and I was nowhere near a horse. Berni has become one of my mentors; I attend her workshops regularly, always being inspired and always learning. I set up my own business in March 2015, practicing healing, mediumship and meditation. Now, as well as writing I have also started teaching workshops; it is an amazing experience seeing others develop and grow, as you have yourself.

There is so much more I could write, but this is the basic outline of my life’s path so far. I did question why it was so late in my life that I found this wonder of spirit and working with them. But I know as I progress with my Bengalrose business that what I have learnt I can share with others and help them. It has given me great understanding of myself and I know now that all our paths are different. Never compare yourself with others – we are individual but we are all as one. You can heal, forgive and climb over great obstacles in life. Rejoice when others achieve, send healing to those that need it. I have learned to be ME; when you find yourself you can then be the best you can be.

I believe my experience help my guides with information for my readings, I know the words come from them not me.
Q. Tell us about your family and how supportive have they been in your journey.
My husband and soul mate is my support. I have to admit my sons do not say much about my writing, neither being big readers.
Q. What is your writing process, a typical writing day routine?
I do my writing in short bursts; I fine channelling the information can be tiring. I revisit the book I’m writing, often reading for amends and read it out loud so I can hear if it sounds ok. I do not know what’s coming next until I connect to my inspirational guides. That’s always amazes me but I just trust the journey of writing with them.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been the most effective for you?
I find FaceBook has been an amazing promotional tool, also taking my books to Mind and body fairs. Also my day to day work with clients is where I sell a lot of them.
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?
Well if people are anything like me the cover and the preface details in the book. Also good reviews are very important as people are often led by other peoples words.
Q. What are your favourite three books, and why?
Winnie the pooh - A.A Milne - I just love the stories and the message of love that sits within these books.
Barbara Cartland - easy to ready light love stories - not taxing on the mind.
Meet your soul - completely change my teaching and connection with spirit
Q. Tell us about your publishing journey and how easy (or difficult) was it to get all your books published?
My dream was to be published by Hay House!! I did send a couple of my books to them, but soon discovered if you did not have an Agent you were not looked at. I was guided to self-publishing and choose Amazon as the platform as they have world wide access. It is a lot of work to get a book published, but more of the processes involved and I now run a course on this to help others. Patience is key.
Q. What challenges do you think are faced by writers, what’s the worst thing about the book industry according to you?
I think our own self-doubt as writers is our main challenge as this affects your confidence. I am not sure I know enough to critize the book industry. I release my books knowing whom needs to read them will, knowing it will enlighten their spiritual journey.
Q. At, we are trying to bring authors and readers under the same roof, to connect, discuss and socialize over books. What's your take on this?
It is interesting to read other writers, stories of their writing journey and socialising online is good idea if it helps and supports each other.
Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers?
My message is trust the journey and your intuition. Connect to your soul and let the words flow. We all have a book in us that has a story to tell, fiction or non-fiction, it does not matter. Tell the story that was pre-written for you to tell this unique world.

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  • I loved how you spoke about your life's story. It's difficult to see people express about themselves with this much heart these days!

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  • And yes, learned a new word today - Fairyologist. Wonderful!

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  • Your story is wonderful! And your books resonate with my interests. Will definitely pick up one of them soon.

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  • Hi Sharon, I loved your book's excerpt. Will definitely buy a copy soon! Also, Reiki and alternate healing methods just touch me to the core. Do you teach as well, these methods?

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