Author Interview with sunil kesare
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Author Interview with sunil kesare

interviewed on Nov 9, 2019Solapur, Maharashtra
Mr. Kesare Sunil Vikas is a Mechanical Engineer and he was living a simple engineering life. But one day when he was walking through an old Book Market. He bought one book. That book mentioned some unsolved mathematical Theorems, Riemann Hypothesis was one of them. He got very curious about Riemann Hypothesis and decided to solve it. After four years of work, he found two important results related to Riemann Hypothesis. But he didn’t want to show his work to the world in a simple way. Therefore he wrote Tamum Shud and hide his all results and their proofs in it. He hopes that one day someone will able to find his hidden work.
Q. How did you come up with the idea of writing Tamam Shud and what fascinated you about the actual Tamam Shud case?
I heard about a mysterious case of Somerton Man. Everyone talking about that. And it is still a mystery. But I have more Mysterious and Realistic story, that mystery no one could answer and its my book "Tamam Shud".
Q. Briefly tell us about the storyline and characters in your book, Tamam Shud.
Book is fictional with fictional stories and fictional characters. The main character of book Tamas Toork is an Author of Tamam Shud in real life with some fictional touch. I like higher mathematics. I conclude the exact equation for Riemann Zeta functions for all odd values. But I do not want to put it in a easy way, so I hide the proof of that equation in a book and readers have to find it. But this is not a big deal to find that proof. Main task is that, in the book Tamas toork dodge death and saved his life. He thought a human life runs on a mathematical equation. So can anyone able to find that equation by collecting all the clues from book.
Q. How did the thought of giving away a cash prize of $2000 to the person who solves the questions that you have asked, occur to you?
It is really hard to solves the questions. So for the motivational purpose I decided to put a reward of $2000. Cash prize will be given to the first person who will solve both questions correctly.
Q. What plans do you have in mind once you get the winner who would have solved the mystery challenge?
Winner will get the prize. And i will mention his/her character in my coming Novel.
Q. What message do you want to convey to the world through your book?
Everything you want is present around you, you just have to open your eyes. To make yourself able for it, read Tamam Shud.
Q. What advice would you like to give to the people trying to attempt the Tamam Shud Mystery Challenge?
Do not go outside the book. Everything needed to solve is present in the book (including book covers). Read every word, understand the numbers.
Q. What impact do you want to create through your book?
Through my book I want to tell that there is something, that something called soul or kind of energy is depends on each other. And if you are able to find that relation then you will come to know that Death has a certain path.
Q. Tell us about your family and how supportive have they been in your journey.
Every one was unaware about my book still it got published. My family do not know much about my book.
Q. Tell us about some interesting or memorable incidents from your life.
The first story of book is real. And I'm still afraid of my Mom.
Q. Talk to us about your growing years and your home. How did all this influence your writing?
I am not much talkative. I do not like more people. I have very keen observation of any incident happened in my life. I always tried to find the reason behind them. In my mind the calculations are going on at every time. Whatever I observed in my life I wrote it in my book.
Q. What all books are you planning to write next? How's the progress?
I am planning to write the next book which will be sequence of Tamam Shud. The next book will explain all the answers.
Q. What all interests you apart from mathematics and writing?
I like travelling. When I will be rich, I will plan a road trip from my hometown to Russia.
Q. What book marketing techniques have been the most effective for you?
If a single article will published in well known newspaper and in a math magazine it will be helpful to spread Tamam shud.
Q. What do you think makes a book sell, or makes a reader buy it?
People afraid of a mathematics. But to solve the mystery of my book it does not require to be a mathematician. The stories are fictional but they will make reader curious. And I think curiosity keeps people alive. The every result or conclusion from the story is relative to our human life.
Q. What are your favourite three books, and why?
I just read one book in my life and that is The Alchemist. When I read The Alchemist, I thought I know more about our life than paulo Coelho. Paulo Caoelho missed more things in his book.
Q. What challenges and difficulties did you face while getting your book published?
After a completion of book, I did not know how to get it published. Thats why I wasted seven to eight months.
Q. How difficult is marketing and actually reaching out to people who would want to read your book.
Now I am realizing that Marketing is more difficult than writing a book. My book is relatable to every person and its my wish that everyone would read my book.
Q. At, we are trying to bring authors and readers under the same roof, to connect, discuss and socialize over books. What's your take on this?
Yes, of course it's a remarkable work. It's my request to qwerty thoughts to arrange one program and invite all authors for the better interactions.
Q. What message do you want to share with budding writers?
Your book must has to be the best.

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  • Reading your book right now! Hope I'll be able to solve the questions...

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  • I've always liked Maths, but this is something which is more than just Maths, this is about life...

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  • I am also trying my hand at this!

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