"'When you unhook the star. You can often see your destiny shimmering inside it. Some say it's the very soul of the star reflecting back at you.'" A. Kidd
...and I pondered this curiously crazy life and the things I failed to grasp as a girl, but thought I understood now as a softer , wiser woman. I thought about life and death... I thought about tonight's dinner menu too... Adiela Akoo
'I have travelled this far, No more regrets. Lived for this moment, Nobody to blame, Sense the fear And taste the fame.' Dear H by Diane Guntrip Diane Guntrip
' I am the sun, the star Ready to shine. I must stretch, reach out, Aim high as the sky. Better to fail Than never to try.' Dear H by Diane Guntrip Diane Guntrip
'Fabulous superstar! Name up in lights, Couldn't happen to me. Excuses are mine. It's the wrong place. It's the wrong time.' "Dear H' Diane Guntrip

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