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To connect with people who share the same love of books and literature as myself...
To connect with people who share the same love of books and literature as myself.
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I started my page to showcase one of the many loves of my life; books. I wanted to highlight and share my personal collection of stories with likeminded individuals who have a love for literature. I wanted to dive in deeper with others about how books have changed my life, moulded me as a human, and continue to inspire me on the daily. One of my goals in the first year on bookstagram was to find and add 50 books to my 'to be read' pile. I accomplished that in a little under a week, needless to say, I purchased well over 70 books that year. I changed the goal of my page, to one I thought was more attainable. That was to bring awareness to and end the stigma of only reading new/recently published books. I wanted to highlight books of the past, whether that be from last year or 20+ years ago, I wanted to create a safe space to chat about stories that we shouldn't forget or glance over because they have an older publication date. I found that most people who share this space with me are normal human beings who, like myself, dont have the finances to buy every single new book at the store. Instead, we share the love of going to second-hand bookstores and find hidden stories, to which we fall in love with. When picking out books in the future I hope that no one ever glances over a book that has a publication date that is not the same number as the year they are living. In changing my goal, I was able to carve out space for myself and find long-lasting friendships with people who are just like me. I use my platform to highlight books I have loved, books I didn't finish, bookish things, and most importantly how books have shaped me. 
Chilliwack, Canada
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May 2, 2018
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