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Author Assist

Author Assist offers affordable services to authors and I teach them how to use ...
Author Assist offers affordable services to authors and I teach them how to use these valuable author tools.

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There are many writers out there that have written a book, published it and have no idea what to do next. There's where I come in.

Author Assist offers affordable author services to independent authors. But it's not just about providing that service, whether it's marketing, advertising or promoting their book/s.

I teach the author how to do it themselves, so they don't have to come back and hire Author Assist again for the same service.

I've been in this business for over twenty-seven years and published my first book back in 2008. I was badly burnt by a vanity press and had no idea how to market my books, find my readers and get sales. I wanted to give back what I have learnt over these years and are still learning. I want to teach as many authors as possible, how to utilize important author tools.

This training is all done via web camera meetings, where I'm able to share my screen and show the author exactly what they need to know and how to do it step by step. That meeting doesn't end until the author is satisfied. Even after the training, I'm there for them, 100%. If they don't understand or need to go over it again I will do that with them until they feel confidant that they know what they are doing.

I have full and part-time clients (those that don't have the time to promote their books.) And I offer a menu of up to 24 services ranging from brainstorming sessions to advertising, optimizing social media pages, to narrations, graphic design, book trailer creations, ACX set up, managing author's newsletters and many more.

Marketing trends change all the time and certain book chains make us work twice as hard. So to keep up with trends and make sure I'm on top of it all. I watch, listen and continue learning from doing online course and watching webinars. The learning and teaching process never stops.

Every year my list of services grows. I work five days a week, ten hours a day and I'm still online after my working hours incase an author needs me or has a question. I have a radio show that goes out live, worldwide, and a YouTube show and I manage many Facebook groups to make sure readers are learning about these amazing books that are out there.

Corfu, Greece
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Dec 31, 2014
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