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Read A Lot And Share More
Read A Lot And Share More
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My vision about my Bookstagram is making people know more about Bengali literature and make them interested to read more Bengali literature as well as others. Bengali Literature is very much enriched but still not that much popular enough across the world. I want to make more people know about Bengali literature works world through my community.

As much as we need to read books, watch movies and entertain ourselves to enjoy life , we also need to know how to spend money wisely, be fit and active, and do work to Improve the civilization.

That's why, my personal mission is to make this platform a Learning community. I often post about my Coding journey in my Bookstagram, and want to include different types of guideline segments about Coding, Financial security, Personal growth, Active lifestyle, Freelancing career etc.

Bookstagram is growing rapidly in our country. I want to contribute to the young mind Improvement by sharing my knowledge and convincing them to become a reader. As much as we need to read books, we also need to be financially smart and personally skilled, and also need to know Coding, and Coding is going to be the next international language soon.

My mission is to help people having a proper and complete basic idea to start working in these sectors. Now a days, it is possible to start working as a freelancer in writing, programming or related sector in any age. But most of the people give up because of there are a lot of scattered information for every sector. So that i want to provide them a free support system and complete idea for beginning.  

Many people think that Science and Arts working method is contradictory but my believe is Science and Art can walk hand in hand and my mission is to make that happen.

I want to make myself and help other people to be skilled in Technology & Science and also to appreciate Art to lead a good and exciting life.

Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Jul 16, 2018
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