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To provide a lively, engaging platform for book share/exchange, book reviews, re...
To provide a lively, engaging platform for book share/exchange, book reviews, reading recommendations & bonding over bookish love!
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VISION - Bookoholics gives you a platform to share your view about any book which you have read and share the book for the benefit of others. Bookoholics wants to revolutionize the idea of reading paperback books. We believe in Chat Meet Read Repeat, our motto which was indeed created by a group member

MISSION - When two artists come together, a new masterpiece happens. when two thinkers come together philosophy happens and when two book lovers come together "Bookoholics' happens. The idea is to have a community based on the mutual interest of reading, where people would not only share ideas about books but feel a sense of belonging. A community that is full of inclusive, mature, and warm people. A platform to connect to Authors and Readers. Also it helps the upcoming writers. To connect to like minded fellow readers and encouraging non-readers to start reading.

Pune, India
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Aug 27, 2016
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