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A country with 17.491 islands is very large and sea-divided wide, but a communit...
A country with 17.491 islands is very large and sea-divided wide, but a community with books and instagram in their arms can unite all.
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Vision : Human potential would reach its peak when they’re all affiliate and/or become a member in at least 1 (one) community. A community should bold enough to uplift the will of critical and diverse thinking.

In this case, our community based in Indonesia, a country with many islands (which is very great). Yet in the actual fact on the field, people still lack access to books and—ironically underappreciated of reading. Another fact, survey said that nowadays MORE THAN HALF Indonesians who complete school are functionally illiterate, meaning that they are unable to comprehend what they read and are deprived of the social, emotional, academic and intergenerational benefits of reading.

In 2017 our first post was made, we started to build a community that could appreciate books and give their love for books through the most sophisticated social media, Instagram. As time goes by, 20.8k followers and has been growing until now, our vision grows automatically, we try to open a discussion in each Instagram post, try to fight and decrease the illiterate rate in Indonesia. And finally, @bookstagramindonesia will become a community that effectively make an impact to society by being “a bridge” for society and books. So, access to books as many as you can.

In conclusion, our big vission is encouraging instagram user to love book more.

Mission: Nowadays, media social is a powerful tool to forward an idea, and an idea is a powerful thing that can change everything. That’s why, we have been starting using hashtag #bookstagramindonesia and #bookstagramindonesiachallenge , not only to share book photos and book reviews, we have been increasing people’s interest to discuss books thoroughly day by day, week by week, month by month. There are some point that we will do in this community :

• Increasing instagram user’s interest in reading and love of books through book photos

• Spreading happiness with books through hashtag #BahagiaBersamaBuku (HappyWithBooks)

• Educating instagram user about book-related issues and the benefit of reading

• Connecting Indonesian bookstagrammers or booklovers to get to know one another

• Making reading and book photography a trend in instagram

• Participating in various literary celebrations, such as World Book Day

• Fighting against book piracy in Indonesia and support authors through instagram post and story

• Producing smart and creative instagram user to further spreading the joy of reading

Bekasi, Indonesia
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Apr 16, 2017
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