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DEI Literary Club

Our club is dedicated for the literature and literary activities.
Our club is dedicated for the literature and literary activities.
About Community
• Our belief- We believe that reading and writing are important things, and literature is the most important part of this.
• Our view- It is not limited to entertainment, it is the reflexion of community.
• Our aim- Nowadays people are always looking for ease and entertainment. We want to create a platform where literature enthusiast people as well as other people can engage in literature and literary activities.
• We want people not just to read and write, we want them to know how to understand and think.
• We often choose a public place and organise a program like book reading, fundamentals of writing, understanding poetry, remembering legends, lectures of known writers and poets, poetry recitation programs, writing competitions, speech and elocution comptetion etc.
• We are mostly connected with university students, but we often organise programs with professors and writers.

- We want to build a open platform where people can gain confidence. We want to build a stage where people can get rid of stage fear. Our club is not only limited to certain things. We want to enhance the the mindset, thoughtprocess and personality of people. We exchange our books so that we can read more people. We listen to professors and intellectuals.
- In reality, this literature club is trying to make people intellectual, who have their understandings, their own views. And all this starts with reading and writing, so that is why we are here. When, we read "Republic" of Plato, then we gain a new perspective towards everything. And this is how everything works. We love what we are doing. I think that we need more than just academics. Knowing enough to find a grammer mistake in a book sounds great, but understanding a book is greater. Not everyone knows how to understand things.
- When people recite their poetry in our program then they gain confidence and when we review their poetry then they try to improve. We should be open of reviews and critisism because this help us to make things better. This is what we do. When we read a book and discuss its content then we find many thoughts on same statement. This is beautiful. We love what we are doing.
Agra, India
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Dec 30, 2019
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