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Did You Read Today

A well read world !
A well read world !

About Community

With a vision to create “A well read world”, in 2017 Lt Cdr Bijay Nair (retd) and Reji Mathew (high on their runs & spirits) formed ‘Did You Read Today’ as a facebook group with 70 members. The group grew fast and now there are more than 5000 members/readers. Thus, the mission of ‘To connect people who read books and thereby exchanging perspectives to have a well rounded view’ started gaining shape and momentum. Readers across the world started posting their reviews on the books they read. With support of S Natarajan, Sachin Shanbhag, Renata Pavrey, Kishore Menon, Swetha Amit and Prabha Kishore as a core team along with Bijay and Reji; all working professionals, DidYouReadToday has been successfully conducting monthly book meets across Mumbai and even in various cities across India for more than two years and shall soon be celebrating its 3rd anniversary in the month of November 2020. Even during the lock down, the club conducted 14 live author sessions on FB and also 5 book read sessions on Zoom. The regular book meets comprise of the guest author and the members reviewing their recent reads along with the related debates over various topics which are the need of the hour. The chapter of this Book family has its branches spread with people connected across the world and book meets being conducted in various locations. The group also promotes the authors of the forum to launch their book in our regular meets.

We also promote a writing group ‘Did You Write Today - Kuch Toh Likho’ which was formed with a vision of bringing together budding authors who want to scribble and express their thoughts and the communities gives them the necessary feedbacks & encouragements. With so many short stories being attempted by members we felt the need to compile a book of these short stories, especially those written during Lockdown and thus the book ‘Locked in Tales’ became a reality, and it’s the first published book by this club and its available on Kindle.

We have also initiated a campaign ‘Everyone Reads” for donating books to needy children and also sharing within the reading community.

Our mission is to build an active community of book lovers who along with us will envision a well read world, where everyone shares the knowledge and happiness gained through books !

Mumbai, India
Running Since
Oct 20, 2017
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