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E. C. Hibbs

To provide unique fantasy for unique people and inspire everybody to express the...
To provide unique fantasy for unique people and inspire everybody to express themselves on their writing journeys.
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My community is focused on everything fantasy and folklore, beautiful and dark, and acknowledges everybody as individuals who each have something to say which is as unique as themselves. We stand together in the joy of creating and enjoying wonderful things that can express our innermost selves, as well as being entertaining and inspiring. For this reason, I affectionately call the members of the community The Batty Brigade: acknowledging how we are all a little different in our own way, but that this is the very thing which unites us.
The vision of the community is to provide accessible information to everyone at any stage of their writing journey, encourage inclusivity and individuality, and share in the light and shades of the world with stories which explore reality through a lens of fantasy. My own stories address acceptance in all its forms, and endeavour to appeal to everybody who feels the need to both escape and make sense of life, while realising that anything is possible with enough drive and faith. Though my stories are generally aimed at the Young Adult and New Adult audiences, they are written for everyone who wishes to enjoy them, and the community is open to everyone who wishes to walk in both sweetness and shadow - whether that be through reading, writing, listening, or simply existing.
My mission for the community is that anybody who wishes for encouragement and validation of their writing can find a home and be proud that they have a story to tell. It is a place for all the misfits and fantasy-lovers, all who dare to be different and embrace the world with wonder. I intend for it to continue to assist writers in honing their craft, finding new inspirations, sharing their favourite reads, and me sharing my own writing endeavours with them.
Chester, United Kingdom
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Nov 27, 2012
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