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Fans of Agatha Christie

A place where lovers Agatha Christie’s works can sit back and relax with a cup o...
A place where lovers Agatha Christie’s works can sit back and relax with a cup of tisane while bonding over mutual adoration for the Queen of Crime and Mystery.
About Community

Our mission is to collectively enhance our minds and relax our souls through the wonderful world of Crime and Mystery created by Dame Agatha Christie. Fans of Agatha Christie provides a welcoming and stimulating environment for readers to develop a lifelong interest in and appreciation for reading Agatha Christie. The mission of this fan page is to inspire reading and the discussion of her literary while providing an atmosphere that promotes bibliophiles, friendship, and community involvement. The fan page will be the forum where readers can come together and talk about her books and share their reading experience.

We aim to:

• Contribute to the development of society by encouraging people to engage with the written word.

• Promote reading as one of the keys to creating an enlightened and self-empowering society.

• Encourage discussion and exchange of ideas with the global community of Agatha Christie’s fans

• Research and look beyond just her printed words

Hyderabad, India
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Mar 17, 2018
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