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Fans Of Ruskin Bond

A place where lovers of Ruskin Bond’s works can come together to admire, discuss...
A place where lovers of Ruskin Bond’s works can come together to admire, discuss, critique and debate his writings.
About Community

Throughout history, book clubs and thought groups have been ways for great minds to share and discuss complex ideas. That’s why Fans of Ruskin Bond was created because we wanted to create a home for his readers where they can freely admire and discuss his works. The page would provide a friendly space for the community which will encourage curiosity, exploration and lifelong learning. This fan community would exist to help and cheer fellow readers as they delve deeper into Ruskin Bond’s life and works.

We aim to:

• Build awareness of the importance of reading

• Foster a lifelong appreciation of books

• Encourage reading of Ruskin Bond’s works

• Support community engagement through online activities

• Create a repository and reference centre for the life and works of Ruskin Bond.

• Inculcate love and appreciation for nature and its conservation.

Hyderabad, India
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Jul 23, 2015
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