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To make people acknowledge the true power of reading books, along with the jolli...
To make people acknowledge the true power of reading books, along with the jollification of reading them.
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In the modern age, face it; books have been moved to the side by new gadgets and technology.

Revisiting the magic of books has always been my mission, trying to ignite peoples’ hidden love for books.

Believe it or not, every person has the longing for books deep within their hearts. It has just been suppressed by modern, fast paced lifestyles.

The feel and joy of reading a book is unparalled, and all the avid book readers out there know this!

Just to put this in perspective, before the information age and modern technological advancements, books were still around. People have been reading books before time had a name. Books pull all of us towards them, no matter how much we deny it, books have special places in our hearts.

With this initiative I am trying to reach out to as many people as possible. I would love to spread the joy of books as far and wide as I can. 

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May 14, 2019
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