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Granth Express - Read Your Heart Aloud

A platform where authors and readers find their expressions and they read their ...
A platform where authors and readers find their expressions and they read their heart out.
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With our vision and mission "Read To Lead", we are working various initiatives to inspire and engage people in reading, writing as well as providing the platform to express them freely.

Granth Express® organizes "conversation inspired by books'', where books are at the epicenter of all events, discussions, or activities. Granth has inspired people to express themselves through various innovative ideas like Bite Sized Stories - sharing your stories in 3-4 sentences having greater impact, Read-O-Mania - Reading a book one loves and sharing the takeaway, lessons that reader implemented, and why he recommends, all this in 5 mins short video. 

Granth Express has set a goal of organizing International Literature Festival at the end of Year 2021, in Nashik - City of Pilgrimage. We envision bringing people together from all corners of geographies, sharing, expressing and rejoicing the love for literature. The carnival of books - Fiction, Non-Fiction, Mysteries, Adventure, Management, Mythology etc. 
Nashik, India
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Jan 17, 2020
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