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Literary Club of HMRITM

Lose yourself in literature to find yourself in life.
Lose yourself in literature to find yourself in life.
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India’s book scene has been tremendously lagging in every conceivable way. The stories, fables, and lessons on paper are being lost to an age full of distractive content. Our mission is to rekindle that love again. We have the vision to make a community that supports readers on their journey of self-discovery and one that helps them gain enough confidence to explore new authors and genres. Literary Club of HMRITM is a platform by book lovers, for book lovers. The objective of this club is to develop a passion among students towards literature and to encourage informed discourse among them for which we used to conduct different types of events and sessions online as well as offline. We aim to bring together people who share a common passion for books reading and want to discover themselves through the unparalleled knowledge that books can provide them. We work in order to provide such enthusiastic readers with a platform where they can exchange their ideas and a great source of information for their upbeat mind. We as a community believe the unimaginable possibilities one can open for themselves by not only reading but also by recollecting all the thoughts, one had come across till now, in one space. It's unimaginable to think of any space without books, as we have come a long way in our life owing to the guidance bestowed upon us through evergreen books. This community is not only for those who are readers but also for those who want to get started with reading. We encourage any individual irrespective of previous reading experience to join and lost in the world of literature and books. We want to reach out to every individual who can read and encourage them to start reading and hence our community is open for all irrespective of anything.

New Delhi, India
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Mar 15, 2018
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