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To interest people in reading books and let readers know which book to choose ba...
To interest people in reading books and let readers know which book to choose based on their interest.
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Vision & Mission of AuraOfThoughts is to read and review books which are from different genres ranging from Children Book, Poetry book to Thriller books. We have complete analysis of the book on various parameters that helps the audience to decide whether the book is good for them or not. Also we always do honest reviews and also share pointers and tips of how to do book reviews to help all the budding bloggers who look their interest in the Book Blogging segment. Our vision is to reach all the book lovers with books and their knowledge so that whenever a person looks for a review of the book they get to know all aspects of it from our side. The important aspect of our book reviews is we analyse all parameters carefully post about it in a manner that are effective yet subtle. We want reviewers to learn the key of reviewing is showcasing the honest review simultaneously be polite in words for the author & publications.
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Nov 12, 2014
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