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Pamini Hemaprabha

To encourage avid readers on women empowerment
To encourage avid readers on women empowerment
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A question arises with the slogan of empowerment of women: "Do women really become strong" and "Have their long struggle ended?" Many programs like Mother's Day, International Women's Day, etc. have been implemented and implemented by the government to bring awareness among the society about the true importance and rights of women in the development of the nation. Women need development in many areas. There is a high level of gender inequality in the country where women suffer from the bad behavior of their families as well as the external society. In India, the number of uneducated women is the highest. The real meaning of women empowerment will be understood when they will be given good education in India and they will be able to make that decision independently in all spheres to make decisions.

Women in India are always in the form of the slaughter of the family to protect themselves from stigma, and they have never been given the basic rights for proper education and independence. This is the victim who has suffered violence and misbehavior in the male country. According to the National Mission for Empowerment of Women Launched by the Indian Government, there has been some improvement due to this step in the 2011 calculation. This has led to increase in both female lingual and female education. According to the Global Gender Gap Index, there is a need for some concrete steps in India to improve the status of women in the society through economic participation, higher education and good health. It is necessary that it should be carried out at a fast pace in the right direction by removing it from the initial position.

As a women writer its my prerogative to be the voice and words of women empowerment. My book "SAY NO" aims at Women's empowerment can be defined in very easy words that women become powerful by which they can take every decision related to their life themselves and live well in family and society. To empower them to achieve their true rights in society, women empowerment.

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