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Rashi Roy

To create a one of a kind YouTube show for the community, to engage, enrich and ...
To create a one of a kind YouTube show for the community, to engage, enrich and enjoy new books with every episode.
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‘Mission’ - To build a one of a kind YouTube show for the community, where a new author gets featured in every episode. The video platform gives the entire thing a personal touch and helps both writers and readers connect better with each other. The debut authors who are invited as guests, introduce their books, talk about their writing journey and reach out to a wide range of audience. The readers get to know not just about the books but also about the authors through the interviews. They watch the authors speak about their books, share personal experiences and enjoy listening to a few excerpts from the books. The book’s link and the author’s contact details are provided along with the video for the viewers to connect with the authors even at a later stage. The video link of the YouTube show “Razzmatazz with Rashi” is provided to the author to be used for book promotions and marketing. The link is easily accessible and is free to be used across all social media for promoting the book and connecting with other bibliophiles.

‘Vision’ - To provide a one of a kind YouTube show “Razzmatazz with Rashi” to the community for knowledge sharing, engagement and discussion about books. The format of the show allows the authors to speak their heart out while they introduce themselves and their books. Through the show, they reach out to a wide range of audience as the books are introduced to a growing subscriber base of the YouTube channel. A dedicated episode is created for every author and the video link is then shared by both the authors and the readers to promote the book across all social media platforms. The readers connect better as they get to watch the authors speak about their journey and read their favorite excerpts from the book. A much-loved YouTube show for book lovers. 

Ahmedabad, India
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Jun 16, 2019
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