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To share the magic of books all around the world.
To share the magic of books all around the world.
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The key to my Bookstagram is to create a place that inspires other people to read and share books. I try to make my page magical and humorous in equal parts to keep my audience entertained and to be true to myself. I do not like to take like to seriously. I believe that by sharing beautiful images of books more people will hopefully pick that book up to read. It is not just about the pictures though! The personal conversations, group chats and comments on my posts are just as important. Creating actual, real relationships with people who have a similar interest in reading is what it is all about. Sharing the love of books. Unashamedly fangirling over a new release or special edition. Debating which author is the best or which fae is the ultimate bae. Helping people to discover how amazing classics can be so long as you know where to start. 

Overall it is about making a place that helps people escape from reality and shares my philosophy that books can make us genuinely happy. You do not need to have the newest editions, the best collections, but we can all bring something to the conversation. By doing so, we are opening up channels to bridge boundaries. Physical boundaries, cultural boundaries and belief based differences. We can gain a better understanding of the world community and become better world citizens because of it.
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