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Stoori Khan

To educate and create awareness among people.
To educate and create awareness among people.
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Communities play a vital role in keeping the people close and to make them learn something new every now and then. Each and every person of the community learns something they don't knew before not only from the head of the community but also, through discussion and debate with one another. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to keep sharing such stuff that should be beneficial for the members and knowledgeable in a way that they feel that they are benefiting from your community. The vision of my community is to educate people and create awareness about different issues among people. I try to convey the messages through my community and books that are of extreme importance to address in today's world and situation such as peace, love, unity, pure love, the right and wrong, the do and don'ts etc.
Seeing the people benefiting from your community and learning new things is an utmost joy. I make sure that the things I share increase the knowledge of my followers, make them wonder, make them think, create awareness, make them a better person.
I feel I am successful in conveying my vision and achieving my mission by the type of response I receive through my followers.
Swabi, Pakistan
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Jul 9, 2014
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