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The Bullet Journal Method Book Club

Discuss The Bullet Journal Method book.
Discuss The Bullet Journal Method book.

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The Bullet Journal Method Book Club was created as a way to analyze and discuss each part of The Bullet Journal Method book. Each week over the course of a year, a different part of the book is analyzed and dissected in order to extract the most succinct value for those interested in learning more about The Bullet Journal Method book. The methodology behind the Bullet Journal is explored along with the method itself. The purpose of the book club is to provide a place for discussion, guidance when reading the book in the form of thoughtful questions, action steps to prompt the reader to take action after reading, and guides to help the reader engage in the source material in a tangible way. Discussing the book in a granular way over the course of a year helps to clarify and cement each part of the book. By creating a book club, a community is created for those interested in learning more about the book which can lead to interesting discussion as well as provide a place for readers to get their questions answered. By working closely with the author, this book club provides a unique experience where the author answers questions in the book club as well as through video responses. The author also occasionally provides some books for readers to enjoy. A recap of the section is provided each week in order to summarize and highlight the main points of the week’s topic which helps readers to hold onto key points. Questions are asked each week to encourage active participation in the form of discussion. Action steps are provided to guide readers with the main points of the week so they can take the smallest step possible forward in what was covered. Finally, downloadable printable guides are provided so that readers can engage with exercises that were covered in each section.
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