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The Chasing Writer

To create, share and encourage the art of poetry and writing
To create, share and encourage the art of poetry and writing
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After almost 4 years of building "The Chasing Writer" community, I have come to realise that, a very beautiful phenomenon that occurs through art is community. To have people from all around the world read my posts and my book is truly wonderful and humbling. I think that's the beauty in art - how it resonates with all of us so differently, and how thousands of different people and perspectives are able to feel and connect with it. And it is this connection that brings us all together as one. 

The vision is to keep the art of writing alive through poetry and books for those who are a part of "The Chasing Writer" readership.

The mission is to continue creating and writing consistently so that my art isn't wholly kept to myself but is given the possibility to reach others as well. My work is just a mirror to how the reader's mind reflects when it reads or listens to what I have to say, hence through art when we are able to see ourselves, we are also able to see each other, and these reflections that come from different minds and angles that bring us together as one is how "The Chasing Writer" community was mainly formed. Hence to keep the community going, the art shall go on.
Hyderabad, India
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Oct 13, 2016
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