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The Sunday Book Club

Encouraging casual book lovers to talk about different books and thus increase t...
Encouraging casual book lovers to talk about different books and thus increase their overall reading experience.

About Community

The Sunday Book Club aims to keep talking about books through its events in the hope that if there are ongoing bookish conversations, people are more likely to show an interest in reading sooner or later. Although we started with a weekly Sunday chat, the transformation into a daily one has resulted in constant interactions between the members of our community. However, TSBC, while promoting reading, also loves to have fun through light-hearted questions. For example, we sometimes ask that readers answer using only a gif. We also have competitions to keep the members of the community excited.

With time, we are slowly moving towards a more inclusive community where more members can actively participate in the functioning of TSBC. Recently, we allowed two members to take over our Twitter handle for the day to talk about their favorite books. Similarly, the TSBC Blog team comprises of multiple reviewers, all of whom were initially TSBC regulars. 

In the future, TSBC hopes to move out of just being a Twitter chat and develop into a more prominent book destination. We aim to have various events from time to time that can help get more people, especially non-readers, excited about books. The revival of our book reviewing blog is the first step in this direction, and we plan to have real-life book-meets soon.

We are also working towards collaborating with authors and publishers. While we have had giveaways, the idea now is to invite them to our social media channels and talk about different aspects of the publishing world. At TSBC, our aim is not just to promote a particular author or book, but to talk about reading in general so that it appeals to the broader community.

Furthermore, we hope that our book talks help people realize the diversity in books that goes much beyond the popular bestsellers that usually get centerstage when it comes to book-marketing by publishers.    
Gurugram, India
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Aug 6, 2011
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