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A place where I talk about the books I'm reading and ask about the books everyon...
A place where I talk about the books I'm reading and ask about the books everyone else is reading.
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The long term mission of my page is to create a community which visits my page to find books that are thoughtful and easily accessible to everyone, a diverse group of people who can come and talk about different things related to books and everything that stems from them. A place where conversations are absolutely welcome and opposing views are allowed to exist alongside each other. I've always tried to allow people to have opinions in my comments section without them being censored or shut down. We need more places online that are welcoming and tolerant and I hope my page is a symbol of that; a safe space for opinions and thoughts to exist.

We have a considerably high number of readers who run blogs based in the west which obviously leads to more western books being in focus. This in itself isn’t a negative thing but it’s time to have more representation of choice organically. I want more people to be aware about diverse literature that isn't western centric. This does not mean forcing books onto people, but rather informing them about these choices as well so that down the line they may consider picking up these titles. I want more books based in Middle Eastern countries to be picked as well as somehow there aren’t many translated works, so hopefully this leads to more books being translated.

Overall, I want my page to be a boiling pot of readers from around the world who trust my reviews and know they are in good hands when they need help picking their next read! I have been able to give recommendations every day since 5 years and my plan is to continue doing this and to make my presence in the literary world even stronger in the coming five years.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Aug 21, 2015
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