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Today I Choose Happy

To create a healthy, vibrant and non-judgemental community of passionate readers...
To create a healthy, vibrant and non-judgemental community of passionate readers across the world.
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Today I Choose Happy club will foster the joy of reading, the spirit of exploration, lifelong learning, and the pursuit of information and knowledge for young adults and adult readers. In a world where the current information can easily overwhelm someone, we promote the healthy exchange of learning, information and opinions.

The mission of this book club is to inspire reading and the discussion of books across different genres and authors; while providing an atmosphere that promotes knowledge sharing, unity, and community involvement.
We believe that everyone has a reader inside them. Some find it early and nurture it continuously while the others lose focus at times. Our club does not categorize any reader. Rather we help them by making suggestions on good books, notable authors, etc. We encourage members to also learn how to review or critique a book well. Thus as soon as any member finishes reading, we ask them to write a short review for the others. Creating a community where every member feels belonged and encouraged is an important element of the club's culture.
Benguluru, India
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Jan 1, 2015
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