People Start A Virtual Book Club on Qwerty Thoughts To

Indulge in Real Time Discussions

Participate in real-time conversations with real-people inside virtual reading rooms. Every book is brimming with the thoughts of people from different backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts and perspectives. Add yours, learn, share and see what others are saying.

Connect Without Geographical Limitation

Make new friends and connect with like-minded readers from across the globe, over your common love- books! Go Beyond Boundaries - Read and discuss anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Amplify your Presence

Planning to build a community around books? You can amplify your presence by starting your virtual book club and grow it to promote your brand and the books you like. Or if you are an author looking to build a reader community to discuss, promote and read the books written by you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Unlimited Reading Rooms

Create unlimited virtual reading rooms, genre-specific or book-specific- it’s up to you. Add the books that you want to discuss and invite people to join the conversation.

Unlimited Events

Schedule unlimited reading and discussion events at your preferred time and date inside your virtual reading rooms. You decide when and how often your members meet. You can also list your offline events, if you are planning to meet in the real world.

Increase Engagement

Grow your community using the power of “connect- engage- create value- re-engage”. Give your community enough reasons to stay active by creating value and opening avenues for them to socialise over books, live chat their thoughts, exchange perspectives, learn with others and share their love for books in a close-knit virtual community of real people.


You have an option to charge your members a one-time joining fee, upon reaching a minimum number of required members & events.

Flexible Payment Options to Access Books

Buy, Rent or Pay-As-You read. You get to decide if you want to pay for the complete book at once, or rent it for a few days or even pay only for the time you read it.

Organize Your Book Club Events Your Way, On Your Schedule

Find or Invite People

Find new members or invite people you know to join your book club. We'll send a notification to all people on QT to help you find interested members.

Schedule Events at One Place

Schedule events inside your virtual reading rooms to decide when and how often your members meet. You can also list your offline events, if your are planning to meet in the real world.

Why Do it Alone?

You have option to add up to 5 co-organisers who can help you host the events & manage your group.

How it works


Click on Start Book Club

Click on the “Start Book Club” and choose your plan. Name your book club and set up your page by filling other details to start accepting new members. We will send a notification to all people on Qwerty Thoughts whose interests matches with your book club and help you find interested members.

Start Reading Room

Choose the books that you want to read and start any number of new virtual reading rooms. You can also schedule events at a time of your choice to allow members to meet, read & discuss together at the same time.

Invite Readers

Invite people to join your book club and your reading room by sharing its unique link with them. This link can be shared anywhere on the internet or on social media, so that interested people can join your club using it.

Start Discussing

You and your members can then start discussions inside the reading rooms or in the scheduled events. Share your experiences and reading journey while reading your favourite books together with others in real-time.

Select Book Club Plan

Select Currency
2999 0


  • Limited Time Offer
  • 1 Book Club
  • Up to 10000 Members
  • 10 Virtual Reading Rooms
  • Unlimited Events
9999 3299/ 6 month


  • Unlimited Book Clubs
  • Unlimited Members
  • Unlimited Virtual Reading Rooms
  • Unlimited Events
  • Monetize Memberships
  • Video Library


How do I start my book club?

Click on “Start Book Club” and select a book club plan which suits your needs. Checkout your cart and make the payment. Name your book club and fill the necessary details like genres, location,country and add co-organizers(if you want more people to co-host). The plan needs to be renewed once the subscription duration gets over or upgraded once you exceed the number of members allowed in a particular plan.

Is the fee recurring?

No, you need to manually make the payment again to renew or upgrade your subscription. We do NOT store your card details or auto charge you without your permission.

Is my book club membership cancellable?

No, once a book club has been started the membership is not cancellable. It will last till the end of duration of the plan you have subscribed to.

How do I renew or upgrade my book club membership?

Once the duration of your subscription gets over you need to renew it again by either choosing the same plan that you’re on right now, or the next one- depending on your needs. You’ll need to upgrade your membership by clicking on “Upgrade” in your book club subscription settings when you either exceed the number of members allowed in your plan or if you want to avail the benefits mentioned in the upgraded plan.

Is there a limit on how many reading rooms can be made at a time?

No, there is no limit on how many reading rooms you can create. Infact, you can create unlimited reading rooms- make different room for each book, or related books, or multiple books in a genre together, or have any combination of books according to your choice.

Is there a limit on how many events can I schedule at a time?

No, you can schedule unlimited events at any point of time. Infact, schedule as many events as possible in advance so that your readers can know about them.

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