40 Days and 40 Nights 'Within The Shed in the Woods'

40 Days and 40 Nights 'Within The Shed in the Woods'

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Aug 22, 2019
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Meet Tracy and come along her journey of reconnecting with nature - retreating into a shed in the woods. Did Tracy survive the entire 40 days? What did Tracy do and learn? How did Tracy stay away from everything that defines us today?

The book is an inspiring tale of spirituality and finding onese

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My name is Tracy and a woman of 57 years of age who left the NHS after 17 years in Mental Health Services as a social worker, as I made the decision to leave in 2015 after my divorce: in order to pursue my dreams as an Author and a Professional Speaker.
I had also just lost my father so I decided to sell my home give everything I owned away, and go to the USA for a business course in order to build my confidence and belief in myself.