A Bear Grylls Adventure 5 The River Challenge

A Bear Grylls Adventure 5 The River Challenge

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Jack loves all sorts of outdoor activities but he just cant stand getting wet Can an adventure with Bear Grylls in a Chinese river gorge rafting down the rapids change his mindAnything that means he might have to swim and Jack is the first to duck out of it But when he falls into a small stream at ...more

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Every year the death toll on Mount Everest rises, and for every ten mountaineers who make it to the top, one will die. Yet at 7:22AM on May 26th 1998, Bear Grylls entered The Guinness Book of Records as the youngest, and one of only around thirty, British climbers to have successfully climbed Everest and returned alive. He was only 23 years old.

The actual ascent took Bear over ninety days of extreme weather, limited sleep and running out of oxygen deep inside the 'death zone