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A Child's Eye View of the World

A Child's Eye View of the World

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Front inside dust jacket:
"A Child's Eye View of the World might well be called a painless guide to child-rearing. It originated with the Boston Children's Medical Center as part of its unique program of 'Publications for Parents.'Parents who want to understand their baby must try to see the

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Artist, political cartoonist, and illustrator of more than a hundred children's books, Marc Simont was born in 1915 in Paris. His parents were from the Catalonia region of Spain, and his childhood was spent in France, Spain, and the United States. Encouraged by his father, Joseph Simont, an artist and staff illustrator for the magazine L'Illustration, Marc Simont drew from a young age. Though he later attended art school in Paris and New York, he considers his father to have been his greatest t...more