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A Girl That Had To Be Strong

A Girl That Had To Be Strong

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 A Girl That Had To Be Strong is a rollercoaster and adventurous journey of Advika who struggled her birth. She is unaware of her connection with Lord Ganesha and who is a girl with a different perspective to life. She has a unique personality and is an old school girl who wishes to face all h ...more

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A chirpy, bubbly person blessed with a contagious smile and tonnes of motivation that can easily lift the room with mere presence. A person who is a big-time fan of music and loves to spend quality time with my loved ones. Small chats don't excite me at all, as I am a deep person seeking learning and depth in a human. So for me, outer beauty is secondary and what is primary is the beauty of the heart. I always strive for spreading happiness and take life projects of people dealing with their st...more