A Superfluous Woman

A Superfluous Woman

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Aristocratic Jessamine Halliday, suffering a "splenetic seizure" brought on by high breeding, is prescribed a therapeutic break in the Scottish Highlands. While there, she falls in love with handsome crofter Colin Macgillvray and makes an indecent proposal by offering him the "unconditional surrend ...more

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Although largely forgotten today, Emma Frances Brooke - a Fabian and feminist - caused quite a sensation in 1895, when she published her novel, A Superfluous Woman , which roundly criticized "degenerate men." In addition to her fiction, Brooke also published poetry, tracts, and articles, and was an active campaigner for the socialist and feminist causes in which she believed. Her A Tabulation of the Factory Laws of European Countries is considered quite impressive. Brooke also pu...more