A Tramp Abroad, Complete

A Tramp Abroad, Complete

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A Tramp Abroad is a Travel Literature book that a little bit of an autobiography and fictional events of the renowned author Mark Twain. This book is about the travels of the author and his friend Harris though Europe. And The object is to walk the whole way the end up using some form of travel or ...more

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The Students’ Dueling Ground—The Dueling Room—The Sword Grinder—Frequency of the Duels—The Duelists—Protection against Injury—The Surgeon—Arrangements for the Duels—The First Duel—The First Wound—A Drawn Battle—The Second Duel—Cutting and Slashing—Interference of the Surgeon
Four Hours with Wagner—A Wonderful Singer, Once—” Only a Shriek”—An Ancient Vocalist—“He Only Cry”—Emotional Germans—A Wise Custom—Late Comers Rebuked—Heard to the Last—No Interruptions Allowed—A Royal Audience—An Eccentric King—Real Rain and More of It—Immense Success—“Encore! Encore!”—Magnanimity of the King

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