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African Roar 2011

African Roar 2011

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African Roar 2011, is the second in a series of annual anthologies dedicated to publishing new short fiction by African writers, edited by Emmanuel Sigauke and Ivor Hartmann. Featuring: Zukiswa Wanner, Memory Chirere, Uche Peter Umez, the late Ruzvidzo Stanley Mupfudza (to whom the anthology is ded ...more

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NoViolet Bulawayo (pen name of Elizabeth Tshele) is a Zimbabwean author, and Stegner Fellow at Stanford University (2012–2014).
Bulawayo won the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing for her short story "Hitting Budapest," about a gang of street children in a Zimbabwean shantytown.
Her first novel" rel="nofollow">We Need New Names (201