Batman Begins The Junior Novel

Batman Begins The Junior Novel

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Before Bruce Wayne could become the hero of the shadows who protects all of Gotham city he had to face the darkness within himself Bruces battle to conquer his fears leads him up to the highest mountains in the Himalayas where he trains to be a ninja and down to the depths of the urban underworld w ...more

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Lerangis's work includes The Viper's Nest and The Sword Thief, two titles in the children's-book series The 39 Clues, the historical novel Smiler's Bones, the YA dark comedy-adventure novel wtf, the Drama Club series, the Spy X series, the Watchers series, the Abracadabra series, and the Antarctica two-book adventure, as well ghostwriting for series such as the Three Investigators, the Hardy Boys Casefiles, Sweet Valley Twins, and more than forty books in the series The Baby-sitters Club and it...more