Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets

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Since its remarkable premiere, Smallville, the WB's hottest new show, has received rave reviews and is watched by over 6.5 million viewers every week. In the Smallville book series, fans join young Clark Kent, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor on original adventures, complete with all the strange happening ...more

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I'm the author of Cherries in Winter: My Family's Recipe for Hope in Hard Times, published in hardcover by Doubleday in November, 2010; normally a happy holiday time of year, but that particular November was one of the worst in this economic downfall--kind of timely, since my book was part Recession therapy, part comfort food recipes. Cherries in Winter is out now in paperback with added chapters and recipes.

I've written for O, the Oprah Magazine, Jane, Harper's Bazaar, Details, Ro