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Characters: 7 male, 5 female, cross-gender casting possible Multiple Sets

Newly Revised! The landmark Ridiculous Theatre Company production of the classic 19th century melodrama! Tubercular courtesan Marguerite Gautier abjures her rich lover, Baron De Varville, and sells all her jewels a

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Charles Braun Ludlam was an American actor, director, and playwright.

Ludlam joined John Vaccaro's Play-House of the Ridiculous, and after a falling out, became founder of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company in New York City in 1967. His first plays were inchoate exercises: however, starting with Bluebeard he began to write more structured works, which, though they were pastiches of gothic novels, Lorca, Shakespeare, Wagner, popular culture, old movies, and anything else that might get