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Captive Audience: A Cuckold Story

Captive Audience: A Cuckold Story

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Grace and Blake have been happily married for ten years—a decade filled with love, devotion, and various explorations of their darkest fantasies. However, Blake has been eager to explore something they've never tried, a fantasy that will awaken both of their carnal desires. Grace agrees to go along ...more

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About Author

Verity James is a fiery, red-haired, domestic goddess with a penchant for both sweet and spicy. She may purr like a kitten, but she can wield a whip with both grace and ferocity. She believes in the sensuality of life in all its aspects from food, to sex, to the breathtaking beauty of nature.

When not writing, Verity enjoys surfing Youtube, dancing, yoga, and watching Netflix.