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Casanegra: A Tennyson Hardwick Story

Casanegra: A Tennyson Hardwick Story

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"Casanegra" follows the adventures of Tennyson Hardwick, a gorgeous, sexy former actor and gigolo living on the fringes of the good life in Hollywood. This story combines the glamour of Hollywood with the seedy hopelessness of the inner city.
In this hot and steamy mystery, Tennyson is an ac

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Blair Underwood, a Golden Globe--nominated actor, has received several NAACP Image Awards. Steven Barnes is the author of science fiction novels, including The Legacy of Heorot, and has produced such television shows as The Twilight Zone and Stargate. Tananarive Due is the American Book Award-winning author of six novels, including The Black Rose, My Soul to Keep, The Between, The Living Blood, and The Good House.