Change Begins With Ourselves

Change Begins With Ourselves

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    Happy to share this with you all that my book Change Begins With Ourselves is now available as Ebook & Paperback on Amazon.

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  • To survive in any situation that arises in life with the change in time change in way of thinking & attitude is needed as well that's what this book change Begins With Ourselves says.3 . Comment
  • Happy to share with you all my book change Begins With Ourselves got featured at Digital Book club & Poetry Book club websites .
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  • Change Begins With Ourselves first, it is only our single step taken by us slowly & steadily leads to a change in society & that is positive .2 . Comment
  • Life is beautiful when we have a purpose to live & have something as our passion that keeps us going.2 . Comment
  • Like Food is a fuel for life,
    Like writing is a passion for a writer.
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  • Hello Everyone. Happy to share this with you all Change Begins With Ourselves book nominated this year as well for Reader's Choice Award 2019.1 . Comment
  • Anything good has to happen if change will be there..1 . Comment
  • Hello Everyone. Glad to share this my book Change Begins With Ourselves is being nominated for Reader's Choice Awards2018.4 . 1 Comment
    • I think this book is worth winning the Reader's Choice Award 2018. Thoroughly enjoyed it

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Aug 3, 2018
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This book is a self help book written by me which tells that Change Begins With Ourselves & that begins when we change our attitude & our way of thinking towards various perspectives.

Featured paragraphs from this book

The moment a girl crosses the age of 25, the whole world around her tends to start worrying about her marriage. Even if her parents don’t pressurize her and have given her freedom of fulfilling her dreams, the pesky neighbors taunts and worry starts increasing day by day-”Why their daughter is not marrying someone”? Some people would even be upfront and directly ask them " When are you getting married?”


In arrange marriages whenever a girl’s parents go to see the groom, they usually see the family’s background and their home. But in most of the cases,  if a guy looks good, mature and nice, they just select him as a prospective groom for their daughter. while on the other hand when groom’s parents come to see the prospective bride, they usually begin to judge her on various aspects, whether she knows how to cook food or is she qualified or is she capable of managing home or will she be able to adjust in their family. Apart from these criteria like fair complexion, smart looks, good personality are also considered important. Questions like whether she will be able to leave work after marriage as per family requirements also arise. Is this the correct way? In my view- no and never. Why are girls expected to be perfect in every way? It doesn’t matter if the boy is perfect or not. He is not judged or questioned or made to fit certain criteria.


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About Author

I am Urvashi Vats from Dehradun, Uttarakhand India. I have pursued, MBA ( Human Resources & MA Education ( Educational Psychology). I have worked as an Assistant Professor, MBA & BBA & Faculty for Personality Development as well.  With it recently I have completed my certification in Life Coach & Public Speaking Facilitator.
I have a passion of writing since my college life. Around two years back I started my passion of writing through Facebook & my first poe