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Charlie Darwin, or The Trine of 1809

Charlie Darwin, or The Trine of 1809

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Follow Edgar Allen Poe, Abe Lincoln, and Charles Darwin as three children with incredible destinies who find themselves kidnapped by a dimension-traveling cowboy, The White Pope, who wants to nip their futures in the bud. Hurried away to meet the Princess of Avalon - they discover just how extraord ...more

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About Author

Angel Leigh McCoy lives with a cat named Boo, in Seattle, where the long, dark winters feed her penchant for horror and dark fantasy. Her short fiction has appeared in several anthologies, including the RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY project.

During the day, she is a game designer at ArenaNet, where she is part of a vast team effort to make the coolest MMORPG ever: Guild Wars 2. At night, she writes crazy fiction and serves as head editor at

Over the years, she ha