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Charlie is an adorable young horse. He wants to be a famous racehorse like his dad, Charles the Great. But he doesn't like to focus on his work. He'd rather munch on flowers. Who helps him progress toward his big dream? What happens when he has trouble on the racetrack. Does he persevere? Does his ...more

  • Charlie asks the General about mortar board hats. Listen to what Charlie says here:
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    • I don't think so, Alecia. But you can get it on amazon
      or from my website: childrensbookswithlifelessons.com/ Sorry, just noticed your comment.

    • Ok, Thanks

  • You can watch a slide show about Charlie the Horse here:
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  • The adorable tale Charlie the Horse, is now on Audio. Check out the free chapter here:

    or here:
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  • Charlie the Horse is featured in this new interview with Mary Deal.
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  • We have new videos and slideshares posted. You can check them out here: goo.gl/Ceieow2Click to view who liked . Comment
  • "Charlie the Horse" was Deanie's second book. It won the Gold Medal in the Authorsdb.com cover contest in 2017. The cover and interior illustrations are done by Holly Humphrys-Bajaj, Deanie's sister.1Click to view who liked . Comment

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