Colour of Drugs Mdma, Ecstasy

Colour of Drugs Mdma, Ecstasy

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Colour of Drugs follows the story of poet/badman and antihero Lenny Ink, on his journey from Cape Town 1995 to London 2008, as he is thrown into the depths of drugs, sex, and wild adventure in his desire to be free... On a crude, masculine, tough to the bone... Sickening, raw, spit, semen and blood ...more

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Writer Lee Richard Kirsten was born on March 03, 1974, in Cape Town, South Africa. Kirsten began taking writing seriously from the age of 17. In 2000, Kirsten moved to London. He published The Poets Bible in 2005... A collection of 13 years of poetry, short stories and plays. In 2016, Colour of Drugs... Lee Richard Kirsten's first novel was published....more