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Sep 6, 2014
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'Fat and frumpy' Amanda has to contend with bullying on a daily basis, from the 'ice-cold and calculating' Cassandra and her gang. She is frightened, lonely, depressed and suffers from low self-esteem. She has no on she can share her problems with except for her imaginary friend who she calls, 'H'. ...more

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  • So thrilled to find' The Daisy Chain', sequel to 'Dear H' on this site. I will make arrangements for the book to be uploaded so you can read it. Watch this space!3 . Comment
  • Have you ever been bullied? Are you presently being bullied? 'Dear H' has been read by young people of 10 years plus as well as by adults. It is a down to earth fictional account of 12 year old Amanda's struggle against bullying. Does it have a happy ending? Well, read it and see!
    #diary #bullying #positivementalhealth #songlyrics #secrets #music #family #friendship
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  • 'Dear H' is a book that needs to be read from start to finish. Just reading the first few pages will not give you an insight into the book. The book contains powerful messages and an opportunity for open discussion on topics that are of great importance to our young people.2 . Comment
  • I'm really excited to be a member of Qwerty Thoughts. My book, 'Dear H', is now available for sale on this site and my interview is ready for you to read.3 . 1 Comment
  • 'Dear H' by Diane Guntrip - the ideal book to use to start a conversation about bullying. Have you purchased your copy?

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  • Thank you for expressing an interest in 'Dear H'. I do hope you manage to read the book. I would love some feedback.

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